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Wetherspoon Jacket Potato Menu with Prices

Wetherspoon Jacket Potato menu has a wide range of meals with multiple side items. This menu contains a variety of salads and fillings like coleslaw, side salad, cheese, tuna mayo, five-chili beans, baked beans, etc, that you can choose. 

Furthermore, Wetherspoon serves these meals with two types of drinks that will satisfy your craving and refresh your mind.

We have covered the nutrients, prices, and some other details about the Wetherspoon Jacket potato menu below. So, you can check these details before ordering.

Wetherspoon Jacket Potato Menu with Prices

Dietary Symbol:  ☘️ = Vegetarian or Vegan

Jacket Potato Menu:

Jacket Potato with one filling and salad. You have to pay 1.30 each for extra fillings.

Wetherspoon Jacket Potato
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Jacket potato with five-bean chili ☘️442 kcal£ 8.60  £ 10.36  
Jacket potato with coleslaw ☘️559 kcal£ 8.60  £ 10.36  
Jacket potato with cheese ☘️512 kcal£ 8.60  £ 10.36  
Jacket potato with baked beans ☘️482 kcal£ 8.60  £ 10.36  
Jacket potato with tuna mayo592 kcal£ 8.60  £ 10.36  
Jacket potato with roasted vegetables ☘️383 kcal£ 8.60  £ 10.36  

Nutrients & Calories in Wetherspoon Jacket Potato Menu:

The calories and nutrients of each item depend on the ingredients that are used in preparation. All items have different nutrients, some items contain high calories, protein, carbs, and fat and some carry low nutrients. 

The main ingredient of all items is Potato which contains a rich amount of Minerals, Vitamins, and Fiber. The number of nutrients varies according to the side items or fillings that you pair with your meal. 

As you know, food items are not just the way to satisfy your craving.  Food also provides all the essential nutrients that help you survive and be active.    

Calories & Nutrients range:

The energy content varies according to the ingredients of the item. The minimum to maximum range of nutrients is mentioned below:

  • The calories range from 383 kcal to 592 kcal.
  • The carbs range from a minimum to a maximum are 49g to 76g
  • The number of proteins ranges from 6g to 37g
  • Total fat ranges from 7g to 33g
  • The Fibre ranges from a minimum to a maximum are 9g to 19g

Allergens in Wetherspoon Jacket Potato menu

Almost all ingredients can also have some allergic side effects. Those that are mindful of allergens, must check the ingredient and allergen details before placing your order.  


If anyone is sensitive or allergic to that specific food item, we have mentioned some common allergens that are present in the Jacket Potato menu.

  • Mustard
  • Egg
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
  • Milk

Can you customize your order from Wetherspoon?

Wetherspoon provides the facility to add or remove specific ingredients from their order. You can also add any sauce, dips, or salad to your order. For refreshments, you can add any soft drink or alcoholic drink to your order and also remove some ingredients from it. 

Just inform the Wetherspoon staff, and your order will be ready just the way you like it. However, if customers add any extra ingredient to their order, maybe they have to pay extra charges for the extra ingredients. 

Why do all the Jacket potato meals have the same price?

The best thing about this menu is that all the items and meals have the same price. Because this is basically a meal menu, the main item on this menu is Jacket potato. On this menu, Wetherspoon serves Jacket potatoes with different side items or toppings So, all the topping, filling, or side items have the same price.

However, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are also a part of the meal, but both drinks have different prices.

What types of filling and topping does Wetherspoon serve with Jacket Potatoes? 

Along with Jacket Potatoes, Wetherspoon serves many types of filling, salads, and toppings that you can take to enhance your item taste.

  • Coleslaw
  • Five-bean chili
  • Cheese
  • Tuna mayo
  • Baked beans
  • Roasted vegetables

Wetherspoon Jacket Potato Menu affordable?   

The Jacket Potato menu has different salads and filling items but the price of all items is the same, which is £ 8.60 or £ 10.36. Any item does not have too much cost, but it depends on how much money you can spend on your food.

However, two types of drinks are available on the Jacket Potato menu: Soft drinks and Alcoholic drinks. You can get drinks according to your taste but both have different prices.

Does Wetherspoon deep fry the Potatoes?

Wetherspoon does not deep fry the potatoes to prepare the Jacket Potato items. They are always baked and served with different salads, toppings and fillings. The jacket potato is freshly prepared when the customer orders. Wetherspoon never prefers to freeze them in the refrigerator.

Customer Reviews:

Most people like the wetherspoon Jacket Potato menu because almost all the items on this menu provide something different in taste, tuna mayo provides a creamy and flaky taste, and coleslaw gives a flavorful taste.

According to the customers

the Jacket Potato with Baked Beans is one of the most famous and tasty items on this menu. It has a perfectly crisp skin and tender texture, while the baked beans are relatively thick.

Plus, these items have the same price. Not only this, jacket potato dishes do not contain high energy content, which is the reason the Jacket potato menu is so popular. However, soft drinks and fried eggs are the best companions to this menu. 

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Q. How many options does Wetherspoon provide you with Jacket Potato?

Wetherspoon serves Jacket potatoes with different filling and salad options such as Tuna mayo, Coleslaw, Five-bean chili, Baked beans, cheese, and roasted vegetables.

Q. How do Wetherspoons serve food so quickly?

Wetherspoon mostly items are mostly pre-cooked and ready in a few minutes. That is the reason, you get your order in just 10 minutes.

Q. Which item from the Jacket Potato menu has high calories?

The Jacket Potato menu serves salads and fillings that contain different calories, but the highest-calorie items are Tuna mayo and coleslaw.

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