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Wetherspoon Children Menu with Prices

Wetherspoon offers a children’s menu for the health and safety of your child. Wetherspoon Children Menu includes a variety of items from breakfast items to Appetizer items, plus desserts and pizzas. You can also customize any specific item based on your child’s health.

Moreover, each item is a combination of different ingredients that contribute to rich nutrients and calories. So, before ordering read the allergens and calories details that are mentioned below.

Wetherspoon Children Menu

Wetherspoon offers drinks and dessert on the children’s menu. Each meal is served as part of at least one of your five for the day. Read the calorie, nutrient, and allergen details carefully before ordering.

Breakfast Menu:  

Here is a variety of breakfasts for your small kids that are healthy meals for their health. 

Wetherspoon Breakfast Menu
Childrens Breakfast 435 kcal
Pancakes ☘️258 kcal
Children’s Beans on Toast ☘️252 kcal
Children’s Vegetarian Breakfast ☘️329 kcal

Smaller Appetites Menu:

If your kids feel a little hungry, this menu is perfect for them. Costs and calories are mentioned in the table.

Wetherspoon Smaller Appetites Menu
Items Calories Price
Jacket Potato ☘️With 5 bean chilli 288 kcal £5.10
Five-bean chili ☘️Mexican rice 327 kcal £5.10
Tomato & Mascarpone Pasta ☘️(10 vegetable tomato sauce & mascarpone cheese)265 kcal £5.10
Jacket potato ☘️(Without sugar baked beans)288 kcal£5.10
Spaghetti Bolognese(100% British Beef Sauce, Herbs & Vegetables)310 kcal £5.10
Wiltshire cured ham & Fried free-range egg 127 kcal £5.10

Large Appetites Menu: 

Select the main item from Step 1, the vegetarian item from Step 2, and the potato item from Step 3. The total cost of the three items is £5.60.

Wetherspoon Large Appetites Menu
  • Step 1:

You can also choose one main item from this menu for your kids. Also, check the calories and allergens listed on the website or app item details.

Items Calories 
Five Quorn Nuggets ☘️207 kcal 
Crunchy Chicken Strip Burger347 kcal
Grilled chicken Breast 187 kcal
Beef Burger331 kcal
Fish ( Sustainable cod & Freshly battered)285 kcal
Chicken Breast nuggets161 kcal
Quom vegan sausages ☘️239 kcal
Fish(Sustainable haddock & Freshly battered)290 kcal 
Pork sausages336 kcal 
  • Step 2: 

In the table below, some delicious and healthy vegetable items for your kids are listed. You can choose any one of them according to your child’s preference and health needs.

Items Calories 
Roasted Vegetables ☘️(Onion, Courgette, & Roasted Pepper)90 kcal 
No added sugar baked beans ☘️63 kcal
Peas ☘️66 kcal 
Cucumber sticks & Tomato wedges ☘️14 kcal 
  • Step 3: 

If your kids like to eat snacks then this menu is good for your kid’s health so choose one potato type. The table shows the calories and prices of snacks.

Items Calories 
Chips ☘️329 kcal 
Jacket potatoes ☘️225 kcal 

Dessert Menu:

Wetherspoon also offers a separate dessert menu for children. Therefore, your children can enjoy sweet items that contain a small amount of calories. 

Wetherspoon Dessert Menu
Items Calories 
Children’s Ice Cream Pot ☘️(Mini chocolate chips, Vanilla ice cream & raspberry sauce)121 kcal
Strawberries & Blueberries ☘️44 kcal  
Apple Bag ☘️46 kcal 
Banana110 kcal
Strawberry Bear Yoyo ☘️57 kcal 

Childrens Pizza:

You can also choose pizza for your children from the menu without drinks and chips.

Items Calories Price
Children’s ham and cheese 443 kcal £5.10
Childrens Margherita ☘️408 kcal £5.10
Children’s Vegan pizza ☘️(Onion, Courgette & Roasted pepper)365 kcal £5.10
Children’s roasted vegetable ☘️(Courgette, Roasted pepper & Onion)453 kcal £5.10

What are the Key ingredients for Wetherspoon Children Menu?

The key ingredients that are used by Wetherspoon for its children menu are healthy and sustainably sourced. These key ingredients are as follows:

  • Fish
  • Chicken 
  • Sausages 
  • Eggs  
  • Tomato & mascarpone pasta
  • Children’s drink
  • Children’s desserts

These key ingredients in the children’s menu are added for setting and maintaining a good balance in their diet. 

Strategies to create a balanced children’s menu

Wetherspoon takes care about the children’s diet and therefore specially designed a portion to provide a balanced diet to them. The following important key points are specifically adjusted in children’s menu:

  • Nutrients and calories declaration
  • Smaller appetites and larger appetites( according to children’s need)
  • Vegetarian and vegan options 
  • Two of your five-a-day ( serves two portion of vegetables or fruit with many meals)

Allergens in Wetherspoon Children Menu

Each item contains different ingredients. According to these ingredients there are some common allergens present in these items such as  Eggs, Sulbhur dioxide and sulphites, Gluten, Milk, Fish, Soybeans. 

As Wetherspoon prioritizes child health. Therefore, they have mentioned the allergenic ingredients in the details of each item. Well, you can inform the manager if your child is allergic to a certain ingredient. They will customize the items with safety.

Remember that: 

  • Always read the specific item description before ordering food.

What about the Calories of the Children’s menu?

Wetherspoons’ children’s menu includes a variety of food items. It uses fresh, high-quality, and suitable ingredients to make each item. Therefore, each ingredient contributes to the calories and nutrients. 

Wetherspoon offers two meal sizes: 

  • Small Appetizers have under 400 calories per item. 
  • Large Appetizers have under 700 calories. 
  • Breakfast section has calories ranging from 252 kcal to 435 kcal.
  • Dessert section has calories ranging from 44 kcal to 121 kcal.
  • Children pizza section has calories ranging from 365 kcal to 453 kcal.

However, the specific ingredient variation can also affect the total calories. Moreover, other nutritious substances like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibre are also part of these items from the Children menu.

What kind of drinks are available for kids at Wetherspoon? 

Wetherspoon provides the facility of special drinks for children. Here are some drinks that are available for kids in most pubs.

  • Wetherspoon also offers fresh fruit juice for children on its menu. 
  • Most pubs offer Pip organic juices and Pip organic smoothies.
  • Both drinks are made with 100% pure vegetables and fruits that are organically grown.
  • These drinks are free of artificial sugar, fillers, colorings, and sweeteners.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Are the children’s menus healthy for kids?

Wetherspoon offers children healthy menu items. Every item has multiple components. Therefore, you must read the calories and nutrients report. Also, check the allergenic ingredients present in the particular item. You can then order safe food for your child.

Q. Can children eat at Wetherspoon?

Most pubs allow children to visit during permitted hours. So, they can order the food and drinks based on your region’s pub rules. 

Q. What is the Wetherspoon Kids Policy?

Wetherspoon allows children under the age of 16 to be accompanied by an adult. However, most are allowed from 18 but vary from pub to pub. During permitted hours, 16- to 17-year-olds also can visit pubs without adult supervision for food and soft drinks only. Also, a 16-year-old must be accompanied by an 18-year-old adult and must be supervised at all times.

Q. What time are kids allowed in Wetherspoon? 

Most pubs have children’s licenses until 9 pm. However, you should read your original Wetherspoon pub rules and regulations regarding children’s permissions.

Q. How many sizes are available for children’s Meals?

Wetherspoon offers two meal sizes for children on their children’s menu. The first meal size is a small appetite for children aged 2 to 6 years. Another is the large appetite of children over 6 years of age.

Q. How many calories are in the smaller Appetite and the larger Appetite?

Small appetizing portions contain under 400 calories. However, larger appetizers have under 700 kcal.

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