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Wetherspoon Deli Deals Menu

Wetherspoon Deli Deals menu has a variety of popular items with delicious tastes 😋.

By spending a few pounds💴, you can enjoy these mouthwatering items with your family and friends. so, lets check Deli Deals menu from Wetherspoon with their prices, calories, allergens, and more details.

Deli Deals:

Choose any 8” pizzas on a freshly baked sourdough base from the small plates category on the Wetherspoon menu.


The items that are present in the paninis section are mentioned in the table below, along with the calories and prices of each item.

Paninis on Wetherspoon Deli Deals Menu
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
BBQ Chicken, Bacon, and Cheddar cheese586 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Cheddar cheese and tomato ☘️527 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Tuna mayo and Cheddar cheese590 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
BBQ jackfruit and vegan cheese☘️458 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Wiltshire cured ham and Cheddar cheese508 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19


Wetherspoon provides multiple wrap items on their Deli deals menu. In the below table, we will tell you the wraps items with calories and prices.

warps on Wetherspoon Deli Deals Menu
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Small Brunch(Fried egg, bacon, sausage, Cheddar cheese)559 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Small cold chicken and sweet chili sauce277 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Small southern-fried chicken and smoky chipotle mayo399 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Small Quorn nuggets and salsa☘️310 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Small vegetarian brunch (Fried egg, 2 Quorn sausage, Cheddar cheese)☘️545 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Small fried halloumi-style cheese and sweet chili sauce ☘️391 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Southern-fried chicken and smoky chipotle mayo609 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Quorn nuggets and salsa☘️508 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Halloumi-style cheese and sweet chili sauce☘️707 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Cold chicken and sweet chili sauce479 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Brunch(Fried egg, bacon, sausage, Cheddar cheese)559 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Vegetarian brunch(Fried egg, 2 Quorn sausages, Cheddar cheese) ☘️545 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19
Shawarma chicken (Chicken thigh, Middle Eastern spices, Naga chili and garlic herb sauces, tomato, onion, rocket, fresh mint)719 kcal£ 7.43 £ 9.19


Wetherspoon takes care of their customers’ preferences and wishes. Therefore Wetherspoon offers multiple side items that you can add to your meal.

Sides on Wetherspoon Deli Deals Menu
Tomato and basil soup ☘️150 kcal£ 1.44 
Chips☘️602 kcal£ 1.44 
Spicy rice☘️298 kcal£ 1.44 

List of Vegans & Vegetarians in Wetherspoon Deli deals menu

Yes, Deli Deals menu offers different types of vegan and vegetarian food on their menu. Check the table to learn about the vegan and vegetarian deals.

BBQ jackfruit and vegan cheeseCheddar Cheese and tomato
Small Quorn nuggets and salsaBBQ jackfruit and vegan cheese
Quorn nuggets and salsaSmall fried halloumi-style cheese and sweet chili sauce
Chips Small Quorn nuggets and salsa
Tomato and basil soupTomato and basil soup

Deli Deals Menu Calories Count

As we discussed above, Deli Deals offers multiple items on its menu. Each of the items has its own calories and nutrients. We already mentioned the calories of every item above, So check it out before consuming these items. 

Nutrients & Calories:

It is important for you to know about the calories and nutrients in the food that you eat to maintain a good and healthy lifestyle. All the Deli Deals items differ in calories, which ranges from 150 kcal to 719 kcal.

According to healthline, Adults need 2000 to 2500 calories per day, but children’s calorie intake depends on age as 2-3-year-old children daily need 1000 to 1400 calories, and a 9-13-year-old child needs 1600 to 2000 calories per day.

Remember! If you are going for customize Deli deals menu then make sure to count calories. And to burn these you can do physical activities as you do normally. Otherwise its Okay to go with this. Wetherspoon already making sure health aspects in its food quality.

It’s Healthy or not:

Wetherspoon never compromise on the taste and quality of their food products. All the ingredients that are used in Wetherspoon food items are fresh and healthy, So, maybe it is healthy for you. However, excess of everything is bad. So, it depends on your food habits to make it healthy or unhealthy for you.

What type of allergens are present in Deli Deals?

Wetherspoon offers top and healthy items with the best quality and tasty products. Every food item contains some allergic substances. Those people that are sensitive or have any allergy, must check the allergen details before ordering any food item.

The common allergens that are present in many items are:

  • Milk
  • Gluten
  • Egg
  • Mustard
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites


  • If you eat any allergic item and feel any allergic symptoms in your body, So immediately contact your doctor or allergic specialist.
  • Eat your anti-allergic medicine and walk in fresh air.

Tips for Ordering Allergen-free items at Wetherspoon:

  • Check ingredients details: First of all, check the ingredients details before eating any food item. If you have an allergy, you should check the allergens in detail.
  • Use Customization option: Wetherspoon also provides a facility to customize their order according to your preference. So, you can remove the allergic ingredients in your item.
  • Communication with Staff: You can inform the staff about your allergens and request that the staff provide you with totally allergen-free food and remove all the allergic ingredients in your order.

Is Wetherspoon Deli Deals Menu Customizable?

Yes, you can customize your order. Wetherspoon provides the facility for their customers to customize their items or meals according to their wishes. If someone wants to replace or remove any ingredient from their order, they can inform the counter and customize their order.

Such as if you want to add some extra ingredients like extra toppings, sauces, etc, or replace your meal drink with other drinks. So, Wetherspoon provides you with this option. However, maybe you have to pay some extra charges for adding extra ingredients.   

Are these Deli Deals wallet-friendly?

The best thing about the Deli Deals menu is that all the items have the same price, So you will not compromise due to prices. However, this deal menu provides 2 types of deals on their menu, first, deal items with soft drinks, and second, deal items with alcoholic drinks. 

Both drinks have different prices, So it’s your choice. You can choose any drink according to your taste or budget. Overall, These deals are affordable for the consumers and one can easily enjoy it with little cost.   

Can you Order Wetherspoon Deli Deals Menu?

Wetherspoon provides the opportunity to order Deli deals via online delivery by using the Wetherspoon online delivery mobile app. Wetherspoon has 57 hotels in England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, so you can easily deliver your order at your table.

Most items and deals can be ordered, and Wetherspoon provides the facility to receive your order from your table with one click. However, a few items are not deliverable, so you can get these items by visiting the Wetherspoon hotel.


Are Deli Deals healthy and good for you?

Yes, the Deli deals menu offers healthy items. It contains a rich amount of nutrients like vitamins, carbs, minerals, and calcium. Moreover, consuming extra fried items and high-calorie food can cause high risks for your health.

What type of Brunch do you get in Wetherspoon?

Deli deals offer only two types of brunches on their menu. You can enjoy it with any cold drink.

  • Small Brunch (Fried egg, bacon, sausage, Cheddar cheese)
  • Vegetarian brunch (Fried egg, 2 Quorn sausages, Cheddar cheese) 

What is the most popular item on the Deli deals menu?

All the items are popular and well prepared with great taste and healthy ingredients, but the most popular Deli deals item on the Wetherspoon menu is Chips. It contains 602 calories, 8g protein and 1g salt.

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