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Wetherspoon Chicken Menu with Prices

Wetherspoon Chicken Menu provides a variety of tasty chicken items that are seasoned with multiple ingredients like Lemon, Herbs, and hot & spicy which enhance the taste of each item. The chicken menu is available in two categories: Char-grilled half chicken and Chicken baskets

The chicken items from these sections are served with a variety of side items like salad, spicy rice, chips, mashed potatoes, peas, and chicken gravy along with soft and alcoholic drinks. Here the details of each item is  mentioned along with prices and calories for each.

Dietary symbol: ☘️ for Vegetarian or Vegan items

Char-Grilled half Chicken:

The Char-grilled half-chicken items are prepared by first marinating chicken, then cooking slowly, and at the end served and finished on the char-grill. You can select a soft drink or alcoholic drink with your selected item.

The calories and prices of each item are provided in the table below:

Char-Grilled half Chicken wetherspoon
ItemsCaloriesPrice(Soft Drink)Price(Alcoholic Drink)
Lemon & Herb with spicy rice1059 kcal£12.60£14.36
Lemon & Herb with side salad918 kcal£12.60£14.36
Lemon & Herb with Mediterranean salad1048 kcal£12.60£14.36
Lemon & Herb with chips1453 kcal£12.60£14.36
Lemon & Herb with mashed potatoes1137 kcal£12.60£14.36
Hot & Spicy with a side salad888 kcal£12.60£14.36
Hot & Spicy with spicy rice1029 kcal£12.60£14.36
Hot & Spicy with mashed potatoes1107 kcal£12.60£14.36
Hot & Spicy with chips1423 kcal£12.60£14.36
Hot & Spicy with Mediterranean salad1018 kcal£12.60£14.36
Char-grilled half chicken with jacket potatoes, peas, and chicken gravy847 kcal£12.60£14.36
Char-grilled half chicken with chips, chicken gravy, and peas 1134 kcal£12.60£14.36
Char-grilled half chicken with mashed potatoes, chicken gravy, and peas 818 kcal£12.60£14.36

Chicken Baskets

We have provided the details of each item in the table along with calories and prices for each. The ingredients that each basket contains are:

  • Chicken wing basket: Naga chili dip, 8 wings, coleslaw
  • Quorn nuggets basket: 8 coated pieces, sweet chili sauce, coleslaw
  • Chicken bites basket: 10 battered chicken breast pieces, sticky soy sauce, coleslaw
  • Boneless basket: 5 chicken breast bites, 3 Southern-fried chicken strips, BBQ sauce, coleslaw
  • Southern fried chicken strips basket: 5 chicken strips, Jack Daniel’s Tennessee honey glaze, coleslaw.
chicken baskets wetherspoon chicken menu
ItemsCaloriesPrice(Soft Drink)Price(Alcoholic Drink)
Chicken wing Basket (Salad)987 kcal£10.43£12.19
Chicken wing Basket (Chips)1522 kcal£10.43£12.19
Chicken wing Basket (Spicy rice)1127 kcal£10.43£12.19
Boneless Basket (Spicy rice)861 kcal£10.43£12.19
Boneless Basket (Salad)720 kcal£10.43£12.19
Boneless Basket (Chips)1255 kcal£10.43£12.19
Quorn nuggets (Salad)569 kcal£10.43£12.19
Quorn nuggets (Chips)1104 kcal£10.43£12.19
Quorn nuggets (Spicy rice)709 kcal£10.43£12.19
Chicken breast bites (Salad)623 kcal£10.43£12.19
Chicken breast bites (Chips)1157 kcal£10.43£12.19
Chicken breast bites (Spicy rice)763 kcal£10.43£12.19
Southern fried chicken strips (Salad)748 kcal£10.43£12.19
Southern fried chicken strips (Chips)1282 kcal£10.43£12.19
Southern fried chicken strips (Spicy rice)888 kcal£10.43£12.19

How is the chicken seasoned to enhance the flavor?

Seasoning and marinating chicken generally increase the taste of the items. The Char-grilled half-chicken items from its Chicken menu  are prepared by first perfectly marinating the chicken, then it is cooked slowly, and at the end served and finished on the char-grill. 

Wetherspoon uses multiple methods for marinating the chicken to enhance the taste. These different techniques are:

  • Seasoned with spices like salt, black pepper, paprika, red chili flakes, garlic powder, etc.
  • Marination by herbs either fresh or dried. The herbs like thyme, coriander, oregano, etc.
  • BBQ Marination for the BBQ flavor chicken.
  • Mediterranean seasoning with Mediterranean herbs like thyme, oregano and also olive oil, and lemon juice. 

What customization options are available on the Wetherspoon Chicken Menu?

If you want to remove or add any particular ingredient, you can choose or add an item of your choice to your meal.  You can also choose items for your meal that the chicken menu offers:

To Choose:

  • Spicy rice
  • Side Salad
  • Chips

To Add:

  • Chicken gravy (50 kcal) 90p

You can choose any of the above-mentioned items with your boneless basket, chicken bites basket, chicken wing basket, and Quorn nugget basket. 

What common allergens are present in the Chicken menu?

This menu contains some common allergens that can be harmful to you, especially when you are allergic to any of them. So check the item’s allergen before ordering it.

The common allergens from the Chicken menu are listed below:

  • Egg
  • Mustard
  • Sulphur dioxide 
  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Celery
  • Soybeans 


If you want to take any particular item that contains an allergen, then ask the waiter to prepare your meal without that item to which you are allergic. 

What are the calorie considerations of the Chicken menu?

All the ingredients from the chicken menu or even toppings or fillings are prepared from a healthy and fresh material that provides a rich amount of all essential nutrients that the human body requires. 

Nutrients & Calories:

This section contains a rich nutrient content and high calories because of the presence of chicken. Chicken is a good source of protein that is essential for our body to remain healthy. Moreover, these items are also a source of carbohydrates, fiber, fats, and many others. 

The amount of protein for the chicken menu ranges from 17g to 75g.

The calories related to the chicken menu range from minimum to maximum depending on the quantity and type of ingredients is 569 kcal to 1522 kcal. 

The calories amount also changes depending upon the way how it is cooked, either by grilling, frying, or baking. Fried items contain high calories because of oil used to fry. 


After taking a high-calorie meal at a time, you just need to do some exercise and walk to burn the calories.

Is the Wetherspoon Chicken Menu from budget-friendly?

The interesting thing about the chicken menu is that all the items from the Chicken basket section have the same prices and are budget-friendly. 

In the same way, the items from the Char-grilled half-chicken section also have the same price for each. So, you don’t even need to compromise on any item because of the high price. 

Each item has two different prices, one with soft drinks and the other with alcoholic drinks.

Char-grilled half chicken item’s price: £12.60 or £14.36

Chicken basket item’s price: £10.43 or £12.19.

Customers review:

All the items from the Chicken menu are generally good in terms of taste, flavor, and nutrients.

One of the customers reviewed the southern-fried chicken strips, Quorn nuggets with no chicken, and five chicken breast bites baskets. According to him, the chicken bites and nuggets have perfect crisp and color with a soft texture. 

And the southern-fried chicken strips provide a fine balance of pepper with a perfect taste. The Quorn nuggets are a good option for vegetarians and a great alternative providing a nice taste. 

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Moreover, the chicken menu is generally also valuable for its nutrient contents and for the normal price range that it has.

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Q. Does Wetherspoon make Chicken wings?

Yes, Wetherspoon serves chicken wings on its chicken menu. The Chicken wing baskets with multiple side items like side salad, spicy rice, and chips are available. This basket contains 8 wings in it.

Q. How do Wetherspoon cook their half chicken?

Wetherspoon prepares its half chicken by marinating the chicken, then cooking slowly, and finishing on the char-grill which creates a splendid and mouthwatering taste. 

Q. Where does Wetherspoon chicken come from?

All the chicken for the Wetherspoon chicken menu comes from certified farms. The supplied chicken meat is actually broiler chicken. The chicken is sourced from Brazil, the UK, Thailand, Slovakia, Poland, and the Netherlands. 

Q. How many proteins are present in Wetherspoon Chicken breast bites?

The total number of protein that the chicken breast bite contains from the chicken menu is about 29g.

Q. Which item from the chicken menu has the highest calories?

The highest calorie item from the chicken menu is the chicken wing basket with chips. The calories that it contains are about 1522 kcal.

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