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Wetherspoon Burgers Menu With Prices & Nutrition

Enjoy the delicious Wetherspoon Burgers Menu. Wetherspoon offers different kind of burgers like beef burgers, chicken burgers, and free meat burgers. Plus, you can add or remove ingredients by selecting additional toppings and burger patties.

Wetherspoon served chips, side salad, and drinks with the burger as the best meal. Well, you can also get just a burger. These are suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. Choose any burger and enjoy it at a local Weatherspoon restaurant near your area.

Note: Wetherspoon offers both vegetarian and vegan burgers. In the table, the ☘️ icon indicates the vegetarian items.

Beef Burgers Menu:

Wetherspoon offers a beef burgers that are made with 100% British beef. You’ll get a small portion of chips with each burger. 

wetherspoon Beef Burgers Menu
Items Calories Price(Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
American Burger(Red onion, Ketchup, Gherkin, 3oz beef burger, American-style mustard)695 kcal£ 7.20£ 8.96
American Cheese Burger(Red onion, ketchup, gherkin, American-style cheese, American-style mustard)729 kcal£ 7.78£ 9.54
Classic beef burger(Red onion, tomato, iceberg lettuce, 3oz beef burger) (with a side salad, instead of chips or with chips, instead a side salad)676 kcal£ 7.20£ 8.96
Skinny beef burger(Iceberg lettuce, Red onion, tomato, 3oz beef burger, with a side salad, instead of chips)374 kcal£ 7.20£ 8.96
Double classic beef burger(Iceberg lettuce, Red onion, tomato, Two 3oz beef patties)1118 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22
Double American Cheese Burger(Red onion, ketchup, gherkin, American-style cheese, American-style mustard, Two beef patties)1206 kcal£ 10.04£ 11.80
Double American burger(Red onion, ketchup, gherkin, two 3oz burger patties, American-style mustard)1137 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22

Additional Toppings & Burger Patties:

One of the other features is that if you want to customize your burger, you can add extra toppings and burger patties to your burger. There are several options you can do.

Additional Toppings & Burger Patties in wetherspoons burgers menu
Items Calories Price
Cheddar Cheese ☘️82 kcal£ 1.52
Maple-cured bacon with American-style cheese 160 kcal£ 2.14
Maple-cured bacon91 kcal£ 1.52
Maple-cured bacon with Cheddar cheese173 kcal£ 2.14
American-style cheese ☘️69 kcal£ 1.52
Grilled chicken breast969 kcal£ 1.97
One Crunchy chicken strip92 kcal£ 1.52
Beyond Meat plant-based Patty ☘️184 kcal£ 1.97
Fried buttermilk chicken473 kcal£ 1.97
Fried halloumi-style cheese ☘️446 kcal£ 1.97
Extra 3oz beef patty 169 kcal£ 1.97
Breaded vegetable patty ☘️257 kcal£ 1.97

Meat Free Burgers Menu: 

If you don’t like chicken or have an allergy, you can get a meat-free burger from the menu. If you order a meat-free burger, you will be served with chips. In the table below, the calories of the chips are also included.

Meat Free Burgers from wetherspoons burgers menu
Items Calories Price(Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Fried halloumi-style Cheese Burger ☘️(Sweet chilli sauce)1117 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22
Beyond burger ☘️(Beyond meat plant-based patty)965 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22
Breaded Vegetable Burger ☘️(sweetcorn, mozzarella, onion, lentils, carrot, mushroom, mature cheddar cheese)1038 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22

Chicken Burgers Menu: 

You can also choose a chicken burger from the menu. You will be served with a small portion of chips with the burger. Also, the calories of the chips are included in the table below.

wetherspoons Chicken Burgers Menu
Items Calories Price(Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Crunchy chicken strip burger(Iceberg lettuce, mayonnaise, two southern fried chicken strips)775 kcal£ 7.20£ 8.96
Spicy chicken strip burger792 kcalEst £ 7.20Est £ 8.96
Grilled chicken breast burger969 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22
Korean crunchy chicken strip burger(Iceberg lettuce two crunchy chicken strips, gherkin, & Korean-style sauce)712 kcalEst £ 7.20Est £ 8.96
Skinny chicken burger(Grilled chicken breast with salad, instead of chips)393 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22
Fried buttermilk chicken burger(Breaded whole chicken breast escalope)1254 kcal£ 9.46£ 11.22

List of Common Allergens in Wetherspoons Burgers Menu: 

Wetherspoon prefers the customer’s health. So, the chef mentioned the allergic ingredients in each burger details. However, as you know, each item contains many ingredients. Therefore, you must know the allergenic ingredients that are unhealthy for you. 

So, you can check the customer information screen to know the allergen details of specific items. By knowing the presence of allergenic ingredients in certain items, you can avoid it. Also, you can customize it by notifying the manager.

Here are the common allergens reports that are contained in the burger menu. 

  • Milk
  • Gluten
  • Celery 
  • Mustard
  • Egg
  • Soybeans
  • Sulphur dioxide and Sulphites

Calories Considerations in Wetherspoon Burgers Menu

In the burgers menu, you can see that Wetherspoon offers different categories such as beef burgers, chicken burgers, meat-free burgers, etc. 

Therefore, each burger contains different ingredients like beef patty, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, buns, American-style mustard, ketchup, Red onion, gherkin, etc. So, each ingredient contains some amount of calories. 

Therefore, each item contains a specific amount of calories. If you remove or add the ingredients, toppings, and others then the calories change in the items. That is the reason the Wetherspoon also provides the calorie information in its menu. 

So, you can avoid consuming large amounts of calories after checking the details of ingredients and calories.  

Calories Range: 

Here I will mention the calorie range of each section of the burgers. 

  • Beef burger’s calorie Range: The calories range from 374 kcal to 1206 kcal.
  • Chicken burger’s calories Range: The calories range from 393 kcal to 1254 kcal.
  • Free meat burgers’ calories Range: The calories range from 965 kcal to 1117 kcal

Note: If you eat too many calories, you can exercise to burn calories.

Can You Customize Wetherspoon Burgers Menu?

Wetherspoons aims to fulfill customer needs. So, for this purpose, Wetherspoon offers the service to customize the burger. However, customization service is available by adding or removing toppings based on allergens, calories, and customer preferences.

Well, you can add or remove ingredients to each burger. However, if you customize the burger, do a calorie and cost analysis. For example, If you want to order a classic beef burger, you can add an extra 3oz beef patty or American-style cheese to your burger.

What time do Wetherspoons serve burgers?

The time duration depends on your region. You can check the time duration of your near Wetherspoon restaurant through the app. However, the main menu serving time from 11.30 am to  (usually) 11 pm.

Is Wetherspoon Burgers menu budget-friendly? 

The price of each item is mentioned in the above table. However, whether a Wetherspoon burger menu is budget-friendly for you depends on a number of factors including:

  • Which item do you prefer to buy?
  • Do you add or remove specific ingredients to items or not? 

So, all of that depends on these factors. Well, Wetherspoon offers a reasonable cost for each item as compared to the market. If you have some money you can select the burger without additions, chips, drinks, and others. 

Does Wetherspoon offer special deals on burgers?

Yes, wetherspoon offers time-to-time special deals on burgers. You can enjoy the deals with the special discounts. However, you must keep an eye on Wetherspoon’s new offers by visiting the restaurants. 

Also, you can check the Wetherspoon site and app for new updates about special deals. Because these deals are limited for time. However, keep in mind that these deals vary by region.

What type of buns did Wetherspoon use for the burgers?

Wetherspoon uses the Brioche-style bun in its burgers. Here is the ingredient list that is used to make the bun. 

  • Wheat Flour
  • Sugar 
  • Emulsifiers (Salt, yeast, flavouring, E471, E472s, vegetable protein)
  • Colour(E160a)
  • Flour Treatment agent (E300)
  • Dextrose May Contain (Sesame)
  • Salt
  • Rapeseed oil

Does Wetherspoon offer the Gourmet or premium burgers? 

Yes, Wetherspoon offers gourmet burgers in its separate menu. You can visit wetherspoon separate Gourmet burger menu. These burgers are available in both vegetarian and vegan options. You can also customize these burgers by adding or removing the different toppings. 

What sauces go well with Wetherspoon burgers? 

You can try some of the sauces with the burgers to make it more mouth-watering. 

  • Ketchup
  • Mayonnaise
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Steak Sauce
  • Spicy Sauce
  • Spicy Mustard or Mustard 
  • Signature Burger Sauce 

Wetherspoon Burger Meals 

Wetherspoon offers a variety of items with burgers as a meal box. Each box contains specific items including chips, a side salad, and a drink (soft or alcoholic). Also, the cost of these items is included in the total price. 

Well, if you have a small appetite you can order only a burger from the just a burger menu. So, Wetherspoon will serve you only one burger as a meal without these items.

How Wetherspoon Burgers Good for Your Health?

Wetherspoon offers healthy burgers. Wetherspoon uses fresh, high-quality, branded ingredients in their products. Also, all the items are manufactured in a clean environment. Moreover, cooks prefer cleanliness. The cooks are professional and well-trained.

Well, your health is our first priority and yours. So be sure to read the ingredients of your specific products in your area. Also, do a nutrient, calorie, and allergen analysis before ordering. Because any item may or may not be suitable for your health.

So, you can avoid it if it has high calories and allergens. However, Wetherspoon also offers the facility to customize allergen items for customers.  

Customers Overview: 

This burger menu is the most demanded as a meal box. However, all burgers are in demand but customers mostly prefer beef burgers. The beef burgers are unique in their extra flavor and soft touch with American-style cheese.

Well, customers come with big appetites, they mostly ask for Double Classic Beef Burger, Double American Cheeseburger, and Double American Burger. However, all other burgers in the category of chicken and meat-free burgers, each with a different taste. Also, the prices are affordable so anyone can easily buy it. 

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Do Wetherspoons burgers come with chips? 

Yes, you can select the meal option. Which included chips, onion rings, and any drinks. Therefore, you can get chips or a side salad and drink with a beef burger, meat-free burgers, and chicken burgers. On the other hand, you will be served with chips, six onion rings, and a drink with gourmet burgers.  

Q. Are Wetherspoon burgers fresh? 

Wetherspoon offers healthy and fresh burgers. However, patties are deep-fried or heated in a microwave. So, the burgers are made fresh at the order time. 

Q. What is in a Wetherspoon beef burger? 

Beef burgers contain Red onion, Ketchup, Gherkin, a 3oz beef burger, American-style mustard, iceberg lettuce, American-style cheese, and more. You can remove and add the other ingredients based on your wish. 

Q. How much is a burger at Wetherspoons? 

The price of each burger is different. So, prices of the burgers range between £ 4.51 to £ 11.22. However, the price increases and decreases if you add or remove the ingredients from the burgers.

Q: Have Wetherspoons burgers got smaller? 

Wetherspoons offers the facility to get smaller burgers which means more choices. For example, the customers can choose the 1 3oz beef patty, 2 3oz beef patties, or 3oz beef patties in their new 3oz beef burger. 

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