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Wetherspoon Salad Pasta and Noodles Menu

The Wetherspoon Salad Pasta and Noodles menu contains a variety of salads and noodles like Burrito salad, Ramen noodles, and many others that will satisfy your craving with a minimum amount of calories. 

Wetherspoon serves chips, onions, spicy rice, and alcoholic or soft drinks. A detailed information mentioned for the price and calories of each item, so you can check before ordering. 

Dietary symbol: ☘️ for Vegetarian or Vegan items

Wetherspoon Salad Pasta and Noodles Menu

Wetherspoon Salad Pasta And Noodles Menu:

The items that are present in this menu are provided in the table below and also the prices and calories of each item are mentioned in it. 

Salad, Pasta, and Noodles Menu of wetherspoon with prices
ItemsCaloriesPrice (Soft drink)Price (Alcoholic drink)
Burrito Salad Bowl☘️ (Spicy rice, roasted pepper, onion, tortilla chips, courgette, sliced chilies, cheese, guacamole) 665 kcal£10.32£12.08
Ramen Noodle Bowl (Grilled chicken)267 kcalEst £10.32Est £12.08
Ramen Noodle Bowl☘️ (Beans sprout, Noodles, spring onion, shiitake mushroom, carrot, pak choi, red onions, bamboo shoots, sliced chilies)173 kcalEst £10.32Est £12.08
Chicken & maple-cured bacon salad283 kcal£11.16£12.92
Grilled Halloumi-style cheese & roasted vegetable salad☘️(courgette, pico de gallo, roasted pepper, dressing)494 kcal£10.32£12.08
Mediterranean salad☘️ (wheat berries, pearl barley, butternut squash, quinoa, red pepper, pumpkin seeds, cheery tomatoes, basil, dressing)334 kcal£10.03£11.79
Pasta Alfredo☘️ (Fusilli pasta, spinach, basil, creamy pecorino & regato cheese sauce, rocket)618 kcal£10.60£12.36
British  Beef & pancetta lasagne (contains pork) (Side Salad)761 kcal£11.16£12.92
British  Beef & pancetta lasagne (contains pork) (Chips)1295 kcal£11.16£12.92

Can You Customize Salad Pasta and Noodles Menu?                                                   

Wetherspoon provides multiple optional items that you can add to your salad, pasta, and noodles. You can add or remove any item that you want. Here are some items that you can choose to add:

In the Burrito Salad bowl


  • Five-bean chili (119 kcal) £1.97
  • Chicken breast (187 kcal) £1.97

In Mediterranean salad


  • Grilled chicken breast (187 kcal) £1.97
  • Tuna Mayo (307 kcal) £1.06
  • Grilled halloumi-style cheese (396 kcal) £1.97
  • Roasted vegetables (135 kcal) £1.53

In Pasta Alfredo


  • Maple-cured bacon (91 kcal) £1.52
  • Grilled chicken breast (187 kcal) £1.97

So try out any of the items from this menu according to your taste and choice and enjoy your meal.

What are the Calories considerations of the Salad Pasta and Noodles menu?

Wetherspoon offers healthy and nutritious items on its menu that all are good in terms of both taste and health. 

Calories & Nutrients range:

An item’s calories and nutrients depend on the ingredients that are added during its preparation. Like if an item contains veggie ingredients it will have low calories while if an item contains fried chicken breast the calorie content will rise according to it.

  • In the Salad, Pasta, and noodles menu, the ingredients that are used are pork, chicken, barley, spices, breast chicken, mushrooms, and many others. The calorie range varies according to these ingredients.  
  • The calories range from a minimum to a maximum are 173 kcal to 1295 kcal.
  • The number of proteins in this menu range from 6g to 54g.
  • Carbohydrates range from 1g to 138g.
  • The number of Fibre ranges from 0g to 12g.  

Is Salad Pasta and Noodles menu for vegetarian and non-vegetarian?

The salad, pasta, and noodles menu offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options for its customers according to their feasibility. You can choose either vegetarian salad, pasta, or noodles, or can choose non-vegetarian. 

Vegetarian options:

  • Ramen noodle bowl
  • Burrito salad bowl
  • Grilled halloumi-style cheese & roasted vegetable salad
  • Five-bean chili
  • Mediterranean salad
  • Pasta alfredo

What common allergens are present in the Salad, Pasta, and Noodles Menu? 

Each item contains some kind of allergens that can be harmful to your health. So it’s important to make sure about the presence of any allergen while ordering your meal. Some common allergens present in the Salad, Pasta, and Noodles menu are:

  • Gluten
  • Soybeans
  • Mustard
  • Milk 
  • Egg


Check before ordering any food item to know the ingredients and allergens details. You can ask the waiter to remove this ingredient from your order from which you are allergic

Side items Salad pasta and noodles menu

Different types of side items are available on this menu that you can complement with any of your salads, pasta, and noodles dishes. These side items are:

  • Sliced chilies
  • Spicy rice
  • Spring Onion
  • Tortilla chips
  • Roasted pepper
  • Basil
  • Dressing 

In some noodles and salads, grilled chicken breast is also added which complements its taste. 

Is the Salad Pasta and Noodles menu affordable?

This menu has different salads, noodles, and pastas that provide different flavorful tastes and energy content, and also the price varies according to each item. 

All items do not have too much cost, but it depends on how much money you want to spend. Almost all the items are budget-friendly, but a few are a little costly. 

Two types of drinks are available on this menu, Soft drinks and Alcoholic drinks. You can get drinks according to your taste but both have different prices. The price range for this menu along with these drinks is £10.03 to £12.92.

Customers Review:

Most of the customer’s reviews about the salad, pasta, and noodles menu from Wetherspoon in the UK are positive for its taste and value for money. The variety of options available is impressive and provides a unique taste with dietary preferences. 

All the items are tasty but we talk about the customer’s favorite choice for the grilled Halloumi-style cheese & roasted vegetable salad. It gives a fresh and flavorful portion size. It contains a combination of savory flavor of cheese with smoky flavor of roasted vegetables.

The cheese in it adds a salty and fine flavor to it. The combination of soft cheese to caramelized roasted vegetables provides a fine experience. Moreover, this salad and other items from this menu contain a generous amount of calories.

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Q. Does Wetherspoon serve Lasagne?

Yes, the Wetherspoon serves the Lasagne in its Salad, Pasta, and Noodles menu. The Lasagna that is served there is the British  Beef & pancetta lasagne which is served with a side salad or chips.

Q. What is a Wetherspoon Mediterranean side salad?

The Mediterranean side salad from this menu is a delicious salad with a combination of wheat berries, pearl barley, butternut squash, quinoa, and red pepper. 

Q. What are the new salads at Wetherspoon?

Burrito Salad Bowl is the new salad on the Salad, Pasta, and Noodles menu of Wetherspoon. It contains Spicy rice, roasted pepper, onion, tortilla chips, courgette, sliced chilies, cheese, and guacamole. The calories this salad contains is 665 kcal.

Q. What allergens in alfredo pasta?

The allergens present in the alfredo pasta are:

  • Gluten
  • Milk
  • Mustard

Q. What is the 1295 kcal item from the Salad, Pasta, and Noodles menu?

The Salad, Pasta, and Noodles menu contains British  Beef & pancetta lasagne which has a calories of about 1295 kcal in it.

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