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Wetherspoon Just A Burger Menu with Prices

Wetherspoon Just A Burger menu offers delicious burgers for those who prefer just one burger to fast food, including  Korean Crunchy Chicken Strip Burger, Spicy Chicken Strip Burger, Crunchy Chicken Burger, and American Burger. 

Wetherspoon Just A Burger Menu

These burgers contain specific ingredients including Iceberg lettuce, 2 crunchy chicken strips, gherkin, Mayonnaise, Korean-style sauce, Red Onion, 3oz American Burger, American Style Mustard, etc. You can also customize the burger according to your desire. 

Therefore, you should check the ingredients, allergens, calorie content, and nutritional content before choosing. Note that these burgers are served without drinks and chips. It would be great if you join us.

Just A Burger Menu with Prices:

Wetherspoon offers the facility to buy only the burger without chips, drinks, side salad, and onion rings as a meal. So, in the table, you can see the calories and cost of each burger. 

Wetherspoon Just A Burger Menu
Items Calories Price(Soft Drink)
Korean Crunchy Chicken Strip Burger(Iceberg lettuce, 2 crunchy chicken strips, gherkin, Mayonnaise, & Korean-style sauce)383 kcalEst £4.51
Spicy Chicken Strip Burger(Iceberg lettuce, 2 Crunchy Chicken Strips, Naga Chilli Mayo)463 kcalEst £4.51
Crunchy Chicken Burger(Iceberg lettuce, 2 crunchy chicken strips, & Mayonnaise)446 kcal£4.51
American Burger(Gherkin, Red Onion, 3oz American Burger, American Style Mustard)366 kcal£4.51

What are common allergens in Wetherspoon Just A Burgers Menu?  

As you know some allergic ingredients can cause serious health problems for someone. Hence, Wetherspoon provides information about the ingredients that are used to make the burger. So, the Witherspoon Burger also contains several ingredients that can be harmful to your health.

Therefore, you can check these allergens before ordering as health care is more important. Well, some of the common allergens used in these burgers are celery, gluten, mustard, eggs, soybeans, sulfur dioxide, and soffits.

Well, the ingredients for each burger may change based on your region. It is also possible that the ingredients of the same item may change on your next visit. Well, you can customize your allergy item by informing the staff. They will remove allergenic ingredients from certain burgers.

Calories Report of Wetherspoon Just A Burger Menu

Wetherspoon prefers the customer’s health. So, they mentioned the calorie report in each item’s details. So, as you can see each burger is a combination of different ingredients including the Iceberg lettuce, 2 crunchy chicken strips, gherkin, Mayonnaise, Korean-style sauce, etc.

So, each ingredient contributes to the calories. Also, if you customize the burger by adding or removing the topping then the calorie range changes. Therefore, when you place the order you must read the calorie details. The calories range from 366 kcal to 463 kcal in the burger section. 

Note: If you consume more calories than to burn calories, do moderate exercise or activities, including walking, swimming, and running.

Can you Customize Wetherspoon Just a Burger Menu?

Yes! Weatherspoon prioritizes customers’ requirements. Hence, the option to customize the burger based on calories, nutrients, allergens, and preferences is available. Because of this service, you can customize your burger by adding or removing certain ingredients from the bun.

Customization options for additional toppings & burger patties:

In the below, here are some of the options mentioned for customizing the burger. 

  • Fried halloumi-style cheese
  • Maple-cured bacon
  • Maple-cured bacon with Cheddar cheese
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • American-style cheese
  • Breaded vegetable patty
  • Fried buttermilk chicken
  • Maple-cured bacon with American-style cheese
  • Extra 3oz beef patty
  • One Crunchy chicken strip
  • Beyond Meat plant-based Patty
  • Cheddar Cheese

Are the items from Wetherspoons Just A Burgers Menu Healthy?

One of the most important issues is the health of the customer. Therefore, Wetherspoon offers healthy burgers on its menu and never compromises on its taste and quality. So the team chef always makes burgers in a clean environment.

Also, the team buys fresh, high-quality ingredients. One of them is also about the nutrients, calories, and allergen reports that are mentioned above. The staff carefully analyzes the calories and then issues the report. 

So, you can check the details and order the burger as per your body’s needs and desires. Overall, every single item on the Wetherspoon Just A Burger menu is extremely healthy. But what is good for your health depends on how much you consume.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How are Wetherspoon burgers cooked? 

Wetherspoons kept its burger menu secret and never made the information publicly available. The staff uses new cooking techniques like frying, baking, grilling, boiling, etc. However, if you have any concerns or questions about specific items, you can ask the staff.

Q. Can you order the drink with Just A Burger? 

Sure, you can separately order the soft or alcoholic drink with the burger. 

Q. What items are served with the burger meal? 

Wetherspoons served the chips, onion rings, side salad, and soft and alcoholic drinks in burger meals. If you want to enjoy a burger meal with the family, check out the Burger Menu and Gourmet Burger Menu for more information.

Q. Can you customize your favorite burger according to preference? 

Yes, you can customize your burger based on nutrients, calories, allergens, needs, and preferences. 

Q: Are the Wetherspoon burgers affordable? 

The cost of each burger in the Wetherspoon menu depends on your choices. However, the cost of each burger meal is affordable and reasonable. You can get just a burger, Burger meals, and gourmet burgers at affordable rates. 

Q. Is Korean Crunchy Chicken Strip Burger time-limited? 

Yes, the Korean Crunchy Chicken Strip Burger is available at local Wetherspoon for a limited time.  

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