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Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu

The Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu serves freshly battered fish and chips, Steak & kidney pudding, Whitby breaded scampi, etc  that are sourced sustainably, a smaller filet (cod or haddock), served with a great taste. 

If you are looking for chips, fish items, and some kind of steaks and pudding then read the details below. Some side items like Quorn sausages, chips, bacon, beans, etc along with drinks are also available on this menu with these items.

Moreover, all the Pub Classics menu items along with the calories and prices of each item are mentioned below. 

Dietary symbol: ☘️ for Vegetarian or Vegan items

Pub Classics Timing

The Pub classic menu items from Wetherspoon are served with an afternoon deal. You can choose any item from the pub’s classic meals in afternoon deals. The timings and days in a week are given below in the table:

Monday2 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Tuesday2 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Wednesday 2 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Thursday2 p.m.- 5 p.m.
Friday2 p.m.- 5 p.m.

Pub Classics Items:

The items from the Pub Classic menu include a variety of items that will satisfy your cravings. Along with each item, you can also choose a drink of your choice a soft drink or an alcoholic drink. The prices and calories of each item are provided in the table below:

Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu with prices
ItemsCaloriesPrice(Soft drink)Price (Alcoholic drink)
Bangers and mash (peas, 3 Lincolnshire sausages, gravy)894 kcal£10.08£11.84
Vegetarian bangers and mash☘️ (peas, 3 Quorn sausages, gravy)748 kcal£10.08£11.84
Steak & kidney pudding (mushy peas, mashed potatoes)1020 kcal£10.08£11.84
Steak & kidney pudding (Peas, chips)1279 kcal£10.08£11.84
Steak & kidney pudding (Peas, mashed potatoes)963 kcal£10.08£11.84
Steak & kidney pudding (Mushy peas, chips)1337 kcal£10.08£11.84
Sausages, chips, and beans1170 kcal£9.49£11.25
Wiltshire cured ham, eggs, and chips856 kcal£9.49£11.25
Five bean chili☘️ (Tortilla chips, Rice)575 kcal£10.08£11.84
Vegan sausages, chips, and beans☘️ (3 Quorn sausages)1023 kcal£9.49£11.25
Vegetarian all-day brunch☘️ (Fried eggs, 3 vegan sausages, chips, baked beans)1136 kcal£11.49£13.25
All-day brunch (Fried eggs, 2 sausages, chips, bacon, baked beans)1245 kcal£11.49£13.25

Fish and Chips items:

The Wetherspoon offers multiple meals on the Pub Classics menu’s Fish and Chips section. This section is most popular at the Wetherspoon and loved by many people. We have provided the details of each item with their calories and prices

Fish and Chips items
ItemsCaloriesPrice(Soft drink)Price (Alcoholic drink)
Freshly battered fish and chips (Peas, cod filet)1240 kcal£11.84£13.60
Freshly battered fish and chips (Beans, cod filet)1237 kcal£11.84£13.60
Freshly battered fish and chips (mushy peas, cod filet)1298 kcal£11.84£13.60
Freshly battered fish and chips (Peas, Haddock filet)1251 kcal£11.84£13.60
Freshly battered fish and chips (Beans, Haddock filet)1247 kcal£11.84£13.60
Freshly battered fish and chips (Mushy peas, Haddock filet)1308 kcal£11.84£13.60
Whitby breaded scampi (Mushy peas, Chips)1192 kcal£11.84£13.60
Whitby breaded scampi (Peas, chips)1135 kcal£11.84£13.60

Which fish and seafood use in Pub Classics menu?

The Wetherspoon sources and uses good quality fish that have a great taste. Not only does it take care of taste, Wetherspoon also focuses on sustainability and ethical sourcing of food items. The seafood used in the Pub Classics menu includes:

  • Haddock
  • Cod
  • Scampi

Haddock and Cod are almost similar and are less or non oily. The taste is similar when cooked, but the haddock is more flavorful and flaky than the Cod. When this richly flavored seafood is taken with different items, it will enhance the taste of your food. And also provides you with a rich amount of energy content.

Customization in Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu

If you don’t want any item in your meal that you are ordering or if you want to add some extra toppings and items, Wetherspoon provides you with a customization option on the Pub Classic menu. This menu also contains many items that you can choose and add to your meal. These are:

To Add:

  • Two slices of black pudding
  • Chip chop-style curry sauce
  • Two slices of bread

To Choose:

  • Chips
  • Peas
  • Mashed potatoes

These are the options provided by the Wetherspoon menu, although you can also do some other alterations according to your choice. 

Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu Nutrients & Calories considerations

The popularity is based on the seafood that this section contains. As we all know fish is a rich source of protein and very beneficial for body health. Protein ranges for the fish items mostly range between 60g to 66g in this section.

Moreover, items like scampi, cod, and hardock, also are healthy sources from this menu. Other items, like sausages, chips, beans, and steaks & puddings are also rich sources of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and calories. 

Pub Classics Calories range: This section has a calorie range from minimum to maximum, which is 575 kcal to 1337 kcal.

Fish and Chips Calories range: This section has a calorie range from minimum to maximum, which is 1135 kcal to 1308 kcal.


Excessive consumption of high-calorie food can be injurious to health. If you have taken a high-calorie meal, then you should do some physical activities for at least 30 minutes.

Does Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu Contain Allergens?

As each item is prepared by mixing multiple ingredients, there may be some sort of allergens. These are not actually allergens, but if someone is sensitive to that particular thing can cause allergic reactions.

Here are some common allergens that this menu contains:

  • Gluten
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Milk
  • Egg 
  • Fish 
  • Crustaceans 

Note: If you have taken an allergen-containing meal accidentally and got reactions, then visit the doctor and take the recommended medications.

From where does Wetherspoon source ingredients for the Pub Classics menu?

All the items that are used in the Pub Classics menu are sourced from trusted areas. Fish and chips from Wetherspoon are so popular because of:

  •  It’s good taste and also because it is now certified by the Marine Stewardship Council. Wetherspoon always sources fish from sustainable fishing grounds.
  • It has been honored with blue fish labels, which are used by Wetherspoon on the Pub Classics menu for the preparation of haddock and cod.
  • Moreover, the scampi that is also used in the Pub Classics menu are sourced from Whitby seafood from the UK. 

Wetherspoon Pub Classics Menu Customers Review:

All the items from the Pub Classic menu contain savory and flaky food items with a reasonable price and have good calories and other nutrient contents.

I am Quoting One of the customer review for Fish and Chips at Wetherspoons- His review for the chips were good as he said the chips have a fantastic consistency with a nice golden outside, mushy peas also look OK having black pepper with pretty good standard like average peas.

source: Youtube Video

The fish was gigantic as it spread from one end of the plate to the other end with really crispy batter. And it has a beautiful white gold inside, and looks nice and flaky. The batter was fantastic and not greasy at all and piping hot as well. 

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Q. How do Wetherspoon cook their fish?

Wetherspoon uses a deep-fat fryer for frying a lot of items. In it, the battered fish and chips are fried. Moreover, it also useless the methods like:

  • Grilling 
  • Oven cooking
  • Frying 

Q. What Vegan sausages do Wetherspoon use?

Wetherspoon serves several vegan items on its menu. The sausages used by the Wetherspoon are Quorn sausages which are the great British sausages. 

Q. Where does Wetherspoon fish come from?

All the fish and seafood used by Wetherspoon come from certified and trusted fishing grounds. 

  • The scampi comes from the UK Whitby seafood. 
  • The Haddock and Cod comes from the certified fishing grounds by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Q. How many calories are in battered fish and chips?

The total number of calories in battered fish and chips is about 1200 kcal. If you take other items like peas, chips, and mashed potatoes along with it, the calories will increase. For example, freshly battered fish and chips with mushy peas is 1298 kcal. 

Q. Is it OK to eat fish and chips once a week?

As it contains a high number of calories and fats, so you need to take it in a balanced way and never take it in excessive amounts. Taking fish and chips every week can be harmful to you because fried fish has high fat which can increase the risk of heart failure.

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