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Wetherspoon Small Plates Menu

Wetherspoon small plates menu offers items 11″ Garlic Pizza Bread, Bao buns Quorn Nuggets, Bowl of chips, Macaroni Cheese Bites, Southern-fried chicken strips, Nachos, Tomato and Basil Soap, Chicken breast bites, Chicken wings, Halloumi fries

Now, you can also choose and match any one of the pizzas from 8 versions as a part of a deal with 3 small plate options. Also, you can check the calories, allergens, and price details of each item. 

Note: Witherspoon offers both vegetarian and vegan options. Therefore, the ☘️ icon indicates vegetarian items in the tables. 

Wetherspoon Small Plates Menu

Small Plate Menu:

Small plates contain many different items you can select any of them and match them with the pizzas. In the below table, the items are mentioned with the price and calories. 

Wetherspoon Small Plate Menu
Items Calories Price
11″ Garlic Pizza Bread ☘️772 kcal£ 5.57
Bao buns (Traditional Asian streamed buns with spicy crunchy chicken)624 kcal£ 5.19
Quorn Nuggets ☘️331 kcal£5.19
Bowl of chips with curry sauce ☘️1082 kcal£5.58 
Macaroni Cheese Bites ☘️262 kcal£4.25
Southern-fried chicken strips(5 chicken breast strips)459 kcal£6.20
Nachos ☘️(Cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream & slices chilies)621 kcal£5.81
Loaded chips(Cheese, maple-cured bacon & sour cream)1303 kcal£6.03
Tomato and Basil Soap ☘️(White bloomer bread & butter)374 kcal£4.23
Cheesy chips ☘️1256 kcal£5.53
Chicken breast bites (10 pieces)322 kcal£6.31
Chicken wings( 10 spicy chicken wings)813 kcal£6.26
Halloumi-style fries ☘️396 kcal£4.96
Bao Buns ☘️(Traditional Asian steamed buns with BBQ jackfruit)358 kcal£ 5.19

8 Pizza Small Plate Menu:

You can select and choose any one pizza from the 8 different varieties with the small plate options that are listed above. 

wetherspoon 8 Pizza Small Plate Menu
Items Calories Price
Margherita ☘️( Basil & Mozzarella)470 kcal£5.91
BBQ Jackfruit and Vegan cheese ☘️( Sliced chilies, Rocket, Red onion, BBQ jackfruit & Vegan Cheeze)408 kcal£7.09
BBQ Chicken(Mozzarella, chicken breast, Red onion, BBQ Sauce, Rocket)558 kcal£6.51
Vegan Roasted Vegetable ☘️( Onion, courgette, basil, mushroom, Roasted pepper)355 kcal£6.51
Harm and Mushroom(Harm, Mushroom, Mozzarella, Rocket)508 kcal£6.51
Spicy Meat Feast(Ham, sliced chilies, chicken breast, mozzarella, pepperoni, rocket)618 kcal£7.09
Roasted Vegetable ☘️( Roasted pepper, onion, courgette, basil, Mozzarella, mushroom)517 kcal£6.51
Pepperoni(pepperoni, Mozzarella)578 kcal£6.51

Sauces & Dips with Small Plates Menu:

Wetherspoon offers many vegan and vegetarian sauces & dips with small plate options. So, you can choose any of them according to your preference. 

wetherspoon Sauces & Dips with Small Plates Menu
Items Calories 
Sweet Chilli ☘️37 kcal
Blue Cheese ☘️270 kcal
Chipotle Mayo ☘️150 kcal
Naga Chilli ☘️136 kcal
Sticky Soy ☘️100 kcal

What are the Common Allergens present in the Small Plates Menu? 

The Wetherspoon menu offers a variety of items on its small plates menu. Each item is a combination of different components. Therefore, each item contains different types of allergens. So, Wetherspoon mentions allergy details in each item description.

So, you can check the allergen details on the Wetherspoon site and app to know the allergens in each item. Here are common allergens that are mostly present in items like milk, gluten, celery, eggs, soybeans, sulfur dioxide, and sulfites.

Well, Item ingredients depend on your specific location. Remember, ingredients may change to specific items on your next visit. So, always check the allergens before confirming the order. Wetherspoon offers the facility to customize allergy-containing items. So, you can talk to the manager to remove the allergic ingredients.

What is the calorie content in the Small Plates menu?

Wetherspoon offers its customers a menu of healthy small plates. Each item is made with a combination of different ingredients such as mozzarella, chicken breast, red onion, BBQ sauce, rocket, cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and chopped chilies.

Therefore, each ingredient contributes to calories. So, check the calories of each item on the small plates menu before ordering. However, when you customize any pizza toppings that can contribute to increasing the calories. Some pizza toppings are low in calories, such as mushrooms and onions.

Calories Ranges: 

The calorie limit depends on the type and quantity of the item. The ranges of calories are mentioned here.

  • Small Plates items calories Range: The calories range from 322 kcal to 1256 kcal
  • 8 Pizza items calories Range:  The calories range from 355 kcal to 618 kcal
  • Sauces and Dips Items calories Range: The calories range from 37 kcal to 270 kcal

Note: If you accidentally eat these high-calorie items, then do physical activity according to your health.

Is Wetherspoon small plates menu budget-friendly? 

As above I mentioned the prices of each item. You can see that the prices are reasonable and not expensive. Overall, the menu is budget-friendly if you compare the item prices with market rates. Small plates menu prices are cheaper.

Well, most customers like to buy it because this menu contains the best meal including the different items with match the pizzas. Therefore, each item has a different price. You can choose according to your budget.

You can buy each item from the lowest to highest price range between £4.23 to £7.09. If you customize your order then the price increases or decreases. So, take a look at the prices before ordering. 

Are Wetherspoon Small Plates Menu customizable

Our Small plate menu contains the different items. These items contain different ingredients. You can customize any individual item to your liking by adding or removing ingredients. However, if you customize the item maybe you have to pay extra charges. 

Also, you can choose toppings based on your health to create your perfect pizza. Moreover, you can also order sauces and dips with these items. For refreshments, you can add any drink. Also, you can choose the size of the pizzas.

Furthermore, please inform the team if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. Therefore, they will also offer the facility to safely manufacture that individual item without using allergenic ingredients.

Why is the Wetherspoon Small Plates Menu so appealing? 

There are many reasons which make our Small plates menu more appealing. After knowing you also want to try at once. Let’s talk about it. 

  • Our small plate menu includes a variety of items with wings, 8 pizzas, sauces, and dips.
  • The Wetherspoon team prefers to use fresh, healthy, and high-quality ingredients to create each item on small plates.
  • The price of each item is reasonable and not too expensive.
  • One of the main reasons we aim to improve the customer’s health. That’s why we always mention the nutrients, calories, and allergens report on the website and app. Consumers trust us and buy food products without any health concerns.
  • The facility is available to remove allergenic ingredients. 
  • You can choose any one of the pizzas with small plate options. Because our pizzas are well-cooked, backed, and freshly topped. 
  • People liked our optional menu due to that they can enjoy their small plates with preference. 

How to order the perfect item from the menu? 

Here are some of the instructions you follow to order the right item for your health. 

  • Check the details of Allergens: The first thing is to check the details of the ingredients before placing your order. That will help you to identify the allergic ingredients in your order.
  • Identify the Nutrients and calories: Also, check the nutrient and calories report from the list. So, You can estimate the exact amount of calories you need. 
  • Customization option: If any allergic ingredient is used in your item, So you can use the customization option to remove the allergic ingredients.
  • Talk with staff: You can tell the staff about your allergic situation and request that they remove all allergic products from your order.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. Can I store the items for later use? 

You can store the items in the refrigerator for later use on behalf of you. However, maybe the taste changes with time. Also, if you store several items in Freezer that can be harmful to your health. Well, I advise you, you should prefer to buy fresh items.

Q. How long are Wetherspoon food waiting times? 

You only have to wait 10 minutes as we aim to provide fast service to our customers.

Q. How many versions are available in Wetherspoon Pizza? 

Wetherspoon offers 8 versions of Pizza with different tastes and ingredients. You can select any of them with the liking of any small plate options. 

Q. What are the sauces and dips available with small plates? 

You have the option of vegan sauce including the Sweet Chilli, and Naga Chilli. Also, you can choose a vegetarian sauce such as Blue Cheese, Chipotle Mayo, and Sticky Soy.

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