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Wetherspoon Gourmet Burgers Menu

Welcome to the Wetherspoon Gourmet Burgers menu. On this menu, there are different varieties of burgers including the Triple American Cheese & Bacon Burger, BBQ Burger, Heatwave Burger, Tennessee Burger, Ultimate Burger, Smoky Jackfruit Burger, and Fiesta Burger. 

Each burger bun has a different filling such as 3oz beef patties, grilled chicken breast, fried buttermilk chicken, red onion, gherkin, American-style cheese, maple cured bacon, ketchup, American-style mustard, BBQ sauce, etc. 

Well, you can also customize your gourmet burger based on calories, allergens, and nutrients. For a delightful meal, Wetherspoon served chips, six onion rings, and alcoholic or soft drinks with each burger. Wetherspoon has mentioned the calories, ingredients, and price of each item in the blog. 

Note: Also, Wetherspoon offers both vegetarian and non-vegetarian items. So, the ☘️ Icon shows vegetarian items.

Gourmet Burgers Menu:

If you love gourmet burgers, this is the menu for you. These burgers are served with chips, a soft or alcoholic drink, and six onion rings. The table also lists the cost and calories of each burger with offers.  

Wetherspoon Gourmet Burgers Menu
Items Calories Price(Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Triple American Cheese and Bacon Burger(Three 3oz beef patties, maple cured bacon, gherkin, red onion, Ketchup, American style mustard, American style cheese)1769 kcal£13.12£14.88
BBQ Burger(Cheddar cheese, Beef-Maple-cured bacon, BBQ sauce) 1644 kcal (2 Beef patties)£11.66£13.42
1495 kcal (grilled chicken breast)
1780 kcal (Fried buttermilk chicken)
Heatwave Burger(Naga chilli mayo, Hash brown, Fried buttermilk, American-style cheese, topped with a spicy chicken wing)2006 kcal£11.66£13.42
Tennessee Burger(Tennessee Honey glaze, Beef-Maple-cured bacon, made with Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Honey)1565 kcal (2 Beef patties)£11.66£13.42
1416 kcal (grilled chicken breast)
1702 kcal (Fried buttermilk chicken)
Ultimate Burger(Cheddar cheese, gherkin, maple-cured bacon, signature burger sauce, 2 3oz beef patties)1655 kcal£11.66£13.42
Smoky jackfruit burger ☘️(Beyond Meat™)1360 kcal£11.66£13.42
Fiesta Burger ☘️(Beyond Meat™ plant-based patty, Guacamole, Courgette, Roasted pepper, onion, salsa)1379 kcal£11.66£13.42
Heatwave Burger(American-style cheese, grilled chicken, Hash brown, Naga chilli mayo, topped with a spicy chicken wing)1720 kcal£11.66£13.42

Common Allergens in Wetherspoon Gourmet Burgers Menu  

Wetherspoon restaurants care about the health of their customers. Therefore, this is why Wetherspoon provides a list of allergens. Certain allergens such as milk, gluten, celery, mustard, eggs, soybeans, sulfur dioxide, and sulfites are present in these burgers.

Therefore, you can avoid eating allergic ingredients. After knowing the allergy information you can choose the best burger based on your health. 

However, Wetherspoon offers customers the service that if they prefer to eat a particular burger that has an allergy, Wetherspoon can safely customize it.

Remember That: 

  • Ingredients depend on your region.
  • Maybe the ingredients in the same burger will change on your next visit.
  • Read the allergens carefully before ordering.
  • Must inform the manager if you should customize the allergen ingredients. 

calorie & Nutrient considerations in the Wetherspoon Gourmet Burgers Menu?

Wetherspoon always prefers to serve healthy food. That’s why the team listed the calories and nutrient content of each burger. Well, a burger is made with different ingredients so each ingredient contributes the calories separately. 

Also, burgers have patties so they are fried in oil which adds fat. So, you can check each item’s nutrient report including the proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

Calories Ranges:

Here are the calorie ranges that I have mentioned.

Gourmet Burger items calories Range: The calories range from 1360 kcal to 2006 kcal

Remember That: If you eat too many calories, you can burn extra calories by increasing your physical activity.

How Wetherspoons Gourmet Burgers Good for Your Health?

Wetherspoon always prefers the customer’s health and needs first. Therefore, the cook always uses fresh, healthy, and quality ingredients. Also, their workers are trained and make the items in a clean environment.

Well, one thing you have to remember is that foods contain specific nutrients like fat, carbohydrates, fiber, protein, etc. In addition, certain items contain some allergens and some calories.

Therefore, you should calculate these calories, nutrients, and allergens before ordering. You can avoid things that can cause health problems. So, take care of your health because health is wealth. 

Are these Wetherspoon Gourmet Burgers menu budget-friendly? 

Gourmet burgers are budget-friendly or not depending on your preference and pocket. In the table above, you can read the price of each burger.  You can check the price and compare it with your pocket money. 

Furthermore, each burger is made with different ingredients. So, if you customize the burger by adding or removing the patties according to your desire then it affects the total cost. The prices of gourmet burgers range from lowest to highest £11.66 to £14.88. 

What customization offers are available on the  Gourmet Burgers Menu?

Of course, you have one of the best opportunities to customize the burger according to your diet, desire, allergic ingredients, and health requirements. So, you can add or remove the specific item from your selective burger. 

Some options for Adding toppings & burger patties:

Here are some of the customization offers that Wetherspoon offers its customers. So, you can choose and enjoy your tasty burger. 

  • Fried halloumi-style cheese
  • Maple-cured bacon
  • Maple-cured bacon with Cheddar cheese
  • Grilled chicken breast
  • American-style cheese
  • Breaded vegetable patty
  • Fried buttermilk chicken
  • Maple-cured bacon with American-style cheese
  • Extra 3oz beef patty
  • One Crunchy chicken strip
  • Beyond Meat plant-based Patty
  • Cheddar Cheese

How does Wetherspoon Cook its burgers? 

Wetherspoon used the American style to make the burgers. However, Wetherspoon uses fresh and high-quality ingredients in burgers. 

  • Wetherspoon uses 100% Irish or British beef and is recognizable for its beef burgers. The beef is imported from Ireland and the UK. Red Tractor tested and verified the beef.
  • Witherspoon has been sourcing its burgers from Danbia (a division of Dan Meats) since 2007.
  • Dunbia is a major burger manufacturing area. Well, Wetherspoon buys beef from farmer suppliers. Then, the chef cooks the burgers with their unique recipe and serves directly to customers.
  • Wetherspoon uses unique and secret recipes to make their burgers. So, you can not find the recipe anywhere. 
  • Well, Wetherspoon cooks its burgers freshly when the customers order. They never prefer to freeze it in the refrigerator. 
  • The chef uses the special flat-top grill set and heats it at the right temperature. 
  • Also, the chef cooks the burgers at a specific time until the burger looks tasty and juicy. 
  • When the chef cooks the patties, they press them gently. Therefore, patties give you a loose open texture and tasty bite. Also, it is seasoned with black pepper and salt.

Customers Overviews: 

Wetherspoon offers a wide selection of gourmet burgers at affordable prices. The gourmet burger is one of the most demanded menus. Well, the customers are satisfied with this meal offer. Each type of burger is unique in taste and preference.

However, the Triple American Cheese and Bacon Burger combines 3 beef patties with other ingredients. Hence, consumers prefer it more as it is perfect for fine dining. BBQ burger is preferred by consumers who like smoky flavors with soft American cheese. 

Spicy lovers demand the Heatwave Burger. Overall, gourmet burgers are for everyone due to their unique taste and affordable prices. You can try it based on your preference.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q. How can you identify the calories in a burger? 

You have different options for identification. Check the customer information screen or ask the staff, they are trained and acknowledged. Also, check the Calories, Allergens, and Nutrients report on the Witherspoon site or app. 

Q. Are Wetherspoon Gourmet burgers appealing? 

Yes, the customers like the Wetherspoon burgers. The reason is that these burgers are not costly, different in taste and varieties, healthy, fresh, and unique. 

Q. What are the vegetarian options at Gourmet Burger? 

Wetherspoon offers two options: Smoky Jackfruit Burger & Fiesta Burger for vegetarians. 

Q. Can I customize my favorite burger that contains allergens?? 

Sure, if you like a burger and it has allergies you can inform the manager or staff, and they’ll customize it for you.

Q: What is in the Triple American Cheese and Bacon Burger

Triple American cheese & Bacon burger contained 3 3oz beef patties, maple cured bacon, gherkin, red onion, Ketchup, American style mustard, and American style cheese. 

Q. What time does Wetherspoon serve burgers? 

Time varies according to your region. So, you can ask the staff members for the right time to serve the burger. However, the main menu timings are from 11.30 am to 11 pm.

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