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Wetherspoon Sides Menu With Prices

Wetherspoon Sides Menu consists of a variety of splendid side items that you can order with any of your food to add more taste. Moreover, you can also order them separately. 

These side items are peas, mushy peas, chips, onion rings, roasted vegetables, sliced chilies, and many others and have a reasonable price and good amount of calories.Analyze the ingredients, energy content, allergens, and nutritional information of the Sides menu before ordering by reading the details below.

Wetherspoon Sides Menu with Prices

Dietary symbol: ☘️ for Vegetarian or Vegan items

Sides and Extras

The Sides menu from Wetherspoon comprises a variety of items you can enjoy with any of your food, adding more taste to your meal. Each item along with its price and calories are listed below in the table:

Wetherspoon Sides and Extras
Bowl of Chips☘️964 kcal£4.23
Small bowl of chips602 kcal£2.48
Coleslaw☘️399 kcal£1.40
8” Garlic pizza bread☘️ 386 kcal£4.40
11” Garlic pizza bread☘️ 722 kcal£5.57
Onion rings☘️ (six)269 kcal£2.33
Onion rings☘️ (12)538 kcal£3.50
Mediterranean salad☘️198 kcal£3.22
8” Garlic pizza bread☘️ (with cheese)461 kcal£4.98
11” Garlic pizza bread☘️ (with cheese)922 kcal£6.44
Mushy peas☘️248 kcal94p
Peas☘️133 kcal94p
Chicken gravy50 kcal94p
Spicy rice☘️208 kcal£1.44
Mashed potatoes☘️143 kcalEst £4.23
8 Whitby breaded scampi464 kcal£4.99
5 Chicken wings402 kcal£3.34
Grilled halloumi-style cheese☘️446 kcal£1.97
Roasted vegetables135 kcal£1.53
Sliced chilies3 kcal88p

How are the side items prepared?

The side items on this menu are prepared by different methods that add taste and texture to them. Wetherspoon use the following ways to prepare its side items:

  • Roasted (like roasted vegetables)
  • Grilled (grilled chicken, Grilled Halloumi-style cheese)
  • Mashed (like mashed potatoes, mushy peas)
  • Fried (Chips)
  • Sliced (like sliced chilies)

Calories range of Wetherspoon Sides Menu

As this section contains a variety of items of multiple categories, therefore calorie content also varies a lot. Some items contain high energy content and some carry low. 

  • The Wetherspoon Sides menu has a calorie range from minimum to maximum, which is 3 kcal to 964 kcal
  • Other nutrients like carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fibers, and many others are also present in the items from this menu.

Do items of the Sides Menu contain allergens?

In Wetherspoon Sides menu, according to different ingredients there are different types of allergens that may not be suitable for all. Wetherspoon provides allergens information along with the menu that can save you from any reaction.

So, you can check these allergens before ordering any of the items from the Sides menu:

  • Egg 
  • Mustard 
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Gluten 
  • Milk 
  • Crustaceans 


Read the allergens carefully before ordering. Inform the restaurant if you want to customize the allergen-free meal. If you accidentally eat any allergen, you must visit the doctor.

Why is the Sides menu so popular?

Many reasons that make our Sides menu so popular. Let’s check the reasons for its popularity: 

  • The best thing about this menu is that you can add any of your favorite items from the sides menu with any of your meals, plus you can also order them separately
  • This menu includes a variety of items with wings, garlic pizza bread, cheese items, a bowl of chips, wings, chicken gravy, peas, sauces, and many others that will enhance your food’s nutrition and taste.
  • The price of each item is reasonable and affordable.
  • Each item is cooked to perfection with the use of fresh, healthy, and high-quality ingredients.

Does the Wetherspoon Sides menu offer vegetarian and vegan items?

The vegetarian and vegan options are available on the side menu. If you prefer vegetarian and vegan options, then this menu is best for you. In the side menu, the vegetarian and vegan items are also mentioned. 

Onion ringsVegetarian and Vegan
Bowl of chipsVegetarian and Vegan
Garlic Pizza breadVegetarian 
Peas and Mushy peasVegetarian and Vegan
Mediterranean saladVegetarian and Vegan
Mashed potatoesVegetarian
Spicy riceVegetarian and Vegan

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Q. What is the lowest calorie item on the side menu?

The item from the side menu that has the lowest number of calories is the Sliced chilies. It has calories of only 3 kcal.

Q. Does Wetherspoon have vegan items?

Yes, Wetherspoon serves both vegan and vegetarian items on its menu, in order to satisfy its customer’s preferences and choices. The side menu also provides you with vegan options.

Q. Which item from the side menu is non-vegetarian?

The only item on the side menu which is non-vegetarian is the Chicken gravy.

Q. Which item has the lowest price from this menu?

This menu has most of the items with very low prices that everyone can afford to take separately and order as a side item with their meal. The sliced chilies from this menu have a price of only about 88p. 

Q. How long does Wetherspoon take to serve food?

Wetherspoon provides the best and quickest services to its customers. Therefore, the Wetherspoon just takes 5 to 10 minutes to serve food after you have ordered it. 

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