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Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics Menu with Prices

There is a lot of variety on the Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics menu, including brunch, haddock, cod, scampi items, etc. If you are a fan of fish and seafood, the Small Pub Classics menu is designed for you. 

The Small Pub Classics menu is divided into two sections: The small Pub Classics section and Fish and Chips section. Each section provides delicious and healthy items with different side items and drinks like sausage, bacon, chips, soft drinks, alcoholic drinks, etc.

Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics Menu

We will cover all the important details about the Small Pub Classics menu, along with prices and calories.

Dietary Symbol:  ☘️ = Vegetarian or Vegan

Small Pub Classics:

Wetherspoon has a huge variety of Small Pub Classics items with different side items. You can choose any item based on your health and pocket money. In this table, we will tell you about some Small Pub Classics menu items with prices and calories.

Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Small all-day brunch(Sausage, fried egg, chips, baked beans, bacon)681 kcal£ 8.68£ 10.44  
Small vegetarian all-day brunch(Two Quorn vegan sausage, chips, fried egg, baked beans)☘️687 kcal£ 8.68£ 10.44
Small Wiltshire cured ham, egg and chips455 kcal£ 8.38£ 10.14

Fish and Chips:

The Small Pub Classics menu offers many Fish and Chip items. So, you can enjoy any of them according to your taste.

Wetherspoon Fish and Chips
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Freshly battered small cod and chips(Mushy Peas)739 kcal£ 9.62£ 11.38
Freshly battered small cod and chips(Peas)681 kcal£ 9.62£ 11.38
Freshly battered small cod and chips(Beans)678 kcal£ 9.62£ 11.38
Freshly battered small haddock and chips(Peas)687 kcalEst £ 9.62Est £ 11.38
Freshly battered small haddock and chips(Beans)683 kcalEst £ 9.62Est £ 11.38
Freshly battered small haddock and chips(Mushy peas)744 kcalEst £ 9.62Est £ 11.38
Small Whitby breaded scampi(chips, mushy peas)686 kcal£ 9.62£ 11.38
Two slices of black pudding355 kcalEst £ 1.34Est £ 1.34
Small Whitby breaded scampi(chips, peas)629 kcal£ 9.62£ 11.38
Chip chop-style curry sauce☘️118 kcal£ 1.46£ 1.46

Small Pub Classics Timing:

Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics menu contains a huge range of items and seafood with a healthy element. You can get the small pub items in afternoon deals the exact timing is mentioned below in the table: 

Monday2 p.m.-5 p.m.
Tuesday2 p.m.-5 p.m.
Wednesday 2 p.m.-5 p.m.
Thursday2 p.m.-5 p.m.
Friday2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Calories Count of Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics Menu

Wetherspoon offers healthy and pure dishes to their customers that provide an excellent amount of protein, calories, fat, carbs and are made with fresh and organic ingredients. To know if food is healthy or not, the main thing is its calories. So, you must check the calories report of all foods before consuming them.


As you all know, all the items contain different ingredients and side items. So, each item on this menu has a different amount of calories. Some items contain high calories that may be unhealthy for you, according to your diet plan.

  1. Small pub section Calories Range: 455 kcal to 641 kcal
  2. Fish and Chips section Calories Range: 118 kcal to 744 kcal

Sometimes you consume a lot of calories, which can lead to some serious health issues. So, to be safe with these stomach and health issues.

Note: take care of yourself and avoid eating high-calorie meals, especially at dinner or late at night. 

Does the Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics Menu contain any allergens?

As you know, some items have allergic substances. If you are interested in buying any small pub Classics item and you are allergic, remember that you must check the allergens details.

We have mentioned some specific allergens that are present in Small put Classics mostly items.

  • Gluten
  • Mustard
  • Egg
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites
  • Fish

You can also visit the Wetherspoons Website to know the full allergens details for each item.  

Are customization options available on the Small pub menu?

You can customize your order according to your taste and wishes but only the specific ingredients. If you do not like any ingredient, you can remove it from your order, or if you want to add any item, you can add it to your order. However, maybe you have to pay extra money to add any ingredient.

There are many items that you can choose and add to your order:

To Add:

  • Two slices of bread
  • Chip shop-style curry sauce

To Choose:

  • Peas
  • Chips
  • Beans
  • Mushy peas

Types of fish and seafood Use for Wetherspoon Small Pub Classics menu?

Wetherspoon wants its customers to enjoy the best quality and tasty fish and seafood sourced from ethical and sustainable resources. Wetherspoon uses 100% pure fish and seafood in all their Small Pub Classics items.

Here, we will mention some seafood that are used in the Small Pub Classics menu:

  • Cod
  • Haddock
  • Scampi     

All ingredients that are used in Wetherspoon items are healthy, taste, and pure which are purchased from certified suppliers. Cod and Haddock are non-oily seafood that are almost similar in taste. But the haddock is much more flavourful and healthy than the cod. All the seafood provides a considerable amount of energy and good taste.

Sourcing of Wetherspoon fish and seafood

Wetherspoon gets fish and seafood from many trusted suppliers. Wetherspoon fish sourcing is 100% organic and healthy in sustainable conditions that are closely linked with the fisheries, suppliers, and their work. Wetherspoon obtains 100% pure ingredients from the suppliers, without compromising taste and quality. 

The list of the fisheries and suppliers that provide fish and seafood to Wetherspoon in the UK:

CodMarine Stewardship Council (MSC) fishing grounds in the North Atlantic
Scampi Whitby seafood from the UK and Ireland
HaddockMarine Stewardship Council (MSC) fishing grounds in the North Atlantic

Is Wetherspoon Small Pub Classic menu Budget-friendly?

This menu has different brunch and fish items that provide different taste, nutrients, and also the cost varies according to item ingredients. Compared with other menus, this menu does not have too much cost.

However, the item price is expensive or cheap depending on your budget or pocket money. All the items contain two types of drinks and some side items. So, you can get an item according to your taste or your budget.

Price Range:

The price range of each portion is:

  • Small pub classic: The price range with soft drink from £8.38 to £8.68 or with alcoholic drinks £10.14 to £10.44  
  • Fish and Chips: This section all items have the same prices, which is with soft drink £9.62 or with alcoholic drink £11.38.

Customer Reviews:

According to some of their customers, Wetherspoon provides the best fish items on their Small Pub Classics menu. The most popular fish items are freshly battered cod and chips.

One of the customer’s feedback about these fish items, Freshly battered cod and chips contains a delectable combination of flavor and texture. Wetherspoon cooks the cod freshly and serves it with good manners.

However, talk about its price, all the items come with an affordable price tag and easily fit into your budget.

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Q. Which are the low-calorie items on the Small Pub Classics menu?

On their Small pub Classics menu, Wetherspoon provides many different items. But the low-calorie items are Small Wiltshire cured ham, egg and chips, Chip chop-style curry sauce, Two slices of black pudding, etc. 

Q. What are Wetherspoon sausage and bacon made of?

The Wetherspoon sausage and bacon are made with pork meat and some other ingredients like wheat flour, seasoning, water, salt, etc.

Q. Does Wetherspoon serve any vegan or vegetarian items on their Small Pub Classics menu?

Yes, Wetherspoon serves Small vegetarian all-day brunch and chip shop-style curry sauce on their menu that are vegan or vegetarian items.

Q. What are the allergens in Freshly battered small cod and chips with peas?

Freshly battered small cod and chips with peas contain Gluten and fish that are not vegan and vegetarian.

Q. Can I store the Small Pub Classics items for later use?

You can store these items for just half an hour or an hour but not for a long time. However, maybe the item’s taste changes with time. So, you should buy these items freshly and eat them on time.

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