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Wetherspoon Specials Menu with Prices

Grab any of your favorite meals from the Wetherspoon Specials Menu which serves a wide variety of special items. All the special and popular items from other categories that are customers’ favorites are placed in this section. 

This menu is with the most demanding items, special pizzas, popular burgers of different varieties, haggis meals, some delicious puddings, and many more. 

We have mentioned each item’s calories so you can check before choosing any meal. Read the details below to know about the allergens, calories, and other details of the Special menu.

Wetherspoon Specials Menu

Dietary symbol: ☘️ for Vegetarian or Vegan items

Specials Menu:

This menu contains various special items from the Wetherspoon. We have provided the details of each item, calories and price are also mentioned in the table below:

Wetherspoon Specials menu
Caledonian Burger1714 kcal£9.64
Beyond BBQ Stack burger☘️1183 kcalEst £7.50
Small Haggis meal427 kcal£7.50
Haggis meal854 kcal£7.50
8” Chicken, stuffing, bacon & Brie Pizza577 kcal£6.05
8” Brie & garlic mushroom pizza☘️636 kcal£8.90
11” Chicken, stuffing, bacon, and Brie pizza1155 kcal£9.40
11” Brie and garlic mushroom pizza☘️1199 kcalEst £9.40
Pigs-in-blankets503 kcalEst £6.93
Brie and cranberry panini☘️513 kcal£3.99
The big cheese chips☘️1671 kcalEst £6.93
Chicken, stuffing, bacon, and cranberry panini535 kcal£6.93
Brie and bacon burger1562 kcal£9.05
The big cheeseburger☘️ (Beyond meat)1479 kcal£ 9.46
The big cheeseburger (Beef)1632 kcal£ 9.46
The big cheeseburger☘️ (breaded vegetables)1551 kcal£ 9.46
The big cheeseburger (Grilled chicken breast)1482 kcal£ 9.46
The big cheeseburger (Fried buttermilk chicken)1768 kcal£ 9.46
Chicken and stuffing burger (Grilled chicken breast)1423 kcal£ 9.46
Chicken and stuffing burger (Fried buttermilk chicken)1709 kcal£ 9.46
Sliced turkey breast and winter vegetables1051 kcalEst £ 12.05
Mince tart☘️310 kcalEst £4.30
Salted caramel sticky toffee pudding☘️ (Ice cream)877 kcalEst £4.30
Salted caramel sticky toffee pudding☘️ (Custard)741 kcalEst £4.30
Children’s pigs-in-breakfast236 kcalEst £4.30

Nutrients & Calories report of Wetherspoon Specials menu

You must have to take your meal with a balanced diet, therefore Wetherspoon provides calorie details of each item. So that you can check before ordering your food..

  • The Specials menu has a calorie range from minimum to maximum, which is 236 kcal to 1768 kcal. Must try out to choose the item that will match your balanced diet. 
  • Carbohydrates range from minimum to maximum, which is 7g to 187g.
  • The amount of Fibre ranges from 0g to 14g.
  • Protein ranges from minimum to maximum, which is 17g to 72g.

Does Wetherspoon Specials menu contain any allergens?

As we know different items are prepared from different ingredients, in the same way, the allergen also varies according to these ingredients. So, you can check these allergens before ordering to enjoy a healthy diet. Some of the allergens used in these items are:

  • Gluten
  • Lactose
  • Sulphur dioxide
  • Egg 
  • Mustard 
  • Nuts 


If you still want to eat the same dish containing an allergen, then you can customize your allergy item by informing the staff. 

Is it possible to customize the Special menu from the Wetherspoon?

If you want to remove or add any item to the meal that you are ordering, a customization option is provided by the Wetherspoon.

This menu also contains many items that you can choose and add to your meal:

  • Cheeseburgers that you can choose with (Beef, beyond beef, Fried buttermilk chicken, Grilled chicken breast, breaded vegetables)
  • Salted caramel sticky toffee pudding that you can choose with (Ice cream or Custard)
  • Chicken and stuffing burger that you can choose with (Fried buttermilk chicken or Grilled chicken breast)

You can also choose many other options, or even you can remove any of the items that will be suitable for you. 

Items in Wetherspoon Special menu

The Special menu includes a variety of items from the other menu sections. It is a mix of appetizers and other meals that you can easily select from this menu. The |Special menu s designed by adding these items:

  • Pizzas
  • Puddings
  • Burgers
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Mince tart
  • Cheese chips
  • Pigs-in-blanket

These all are available in multiple flavors that you can choose according to your choice.

Customers Review:

The Special menu contains all the items at a reasonable price with a relatively good quantity of calories, carbohydrates, proteins, calories, and other nutrients. Also all items have an absolutely fine taste.

One of the customer reviews for the Sliced Turkey Breast and Winter vegetables, that The meal is served with the turkey and cranberry sauce that gives a good texture to the meat. All items are very warm. 

There is some stuffing in the middle of the turkey breast that’s really amazing. The pigs in the blanket have a really good look with cooked brownish shade with a fine taste. Bacon’s very crispy and sausages have a good taste to it. The mashed potatoes and peas are also really good with a fine taste. 

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Q. Which items are served with sticky toffee pudding?

The sticky toffee pudding from the Specials menu is served with two different items, one is the vanilla ice cream and the other one is custard. 

Q. Are pigs-in-blanket from the Specials menu healthy?

Pigs-in-blanket is a good and healthy choice as it contains a rich quantity of proteins. And it is also good for muscle building. 

Q. What is a turkey and winter vegetable meal at Wetherspoon?

The turkey and winter vegetable meal comprises 4 slices of turkey breast which is served with parsnips, Chantenay carrots, Maris Piper mash, peas, and 2 pigs-in-blanket, with cranberry and apricot stuffing, and gravy. 

Q. Is Brie OK for weight loss?

Bire is actually a white and creamy cheese, it’s low in calories and fats but contains a rich amount of proteins. So, yes the Brie is a healthy and good choice for weight loss. 

Q. What is in Wetherspoon haggis?

The haggis on the Specials menu are prepared from the pluck of sheep, and the minced meat is then mixed with oatmeal, onion, suet, and spices which all are stuffed in it. 

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