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Wetherspoon Curry Club Menu with Prices

The Wetherspoon Curry Club Menu has a huge collection of classic and traditional curries like Chicken korma, Chicken Jalfrezi, Mardas beef, and many others that many people love. As well in this section, most products are prepared by using multiple spices, herbs, and other ingredients that add more taste to these items. 

To make your meal complete, we serve alcoholic and soft drinks with each of them, and you can also enjoy garlic and simple naan with these finger-licking curries. Try out the most demanding curries from the Wetherspoon menu.

Dietary symbol: ☘️ for Vegetarian or Vegan items

Curry Club menu schedule:

Wetherspoon presents its Curry Club menu with classic and appetizing dishes. The Curry Club menu is served every Thursday. The timing for this menu on Thursday is 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. This menu features the katsu curry range along with each item, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks are served that you can choose according to your preference. 

Wetherspoon Curry Club Menu:

This section includes multiple spicy and tender items with a flavorful taste. Moreover, some traditional curries are also included in this section. In the table below, we have provided the calories and prices, along with soft and alcoholic drinks from the Curry Club menu. 

Wetherspoon Curry club menu
ItemsCaloriesPrice (Soft drink)Price (Alcoholic drink)
Chicken korma (Mild, sweet, traditional curry prepared with breast chicken and cooked with golden fried shallots, yogurt, cream, coconut, and fresh coriander)1115 kcalEst £11.60Est £13.36
Chicken tikka masala (Prepared with chicken breast by marinating with tandoori spices, in cream, tomato sauce, butter, red onion, cardamom, and coriander)1190 kcal£11.60£13.36
Katsu chicken curry826 kcal£10.49£12.25
Katsu Quorn nugget curry685 kal£10.49£12.25
Katsu grilled chicken curry541 kcal£10.49£12.25
Chicken Jalfrezi (Prepared with marinated chicken, in rich tomato sauce, with onion peppers, and cumin seeds)935 kcal£11.60£13.36
Sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry☘️ (toasted sweet potato in coconut sauce with spinach and chickpea)916 kcalEst £11.60Est £13.36
Beef Madras (Diced beef  with tender pieces, with onions, mustard seed, coconut, and chili in a spiced tomato sauce)1043 kcal£11.60£13.36
Mangalorean roasted cauliflower & spinach curry☘️ (tangy creamed coconut sauce, roasted cauliflowers, spinach, potato, red peppers, finished with fenugreek leaves)927 kcal£11.60£13.36
Malaysian chicken & baby sweetcorn curry 678 kcalEst £10.49Est £12.25
Sri-Lankan prawn & fish curry931 kcalEst £10.49Est £12.25
Garlic naan☘️366 kcal47p47p
2 vegetable samosas☘️ (Indian short pastry, filled with a blend of vegetables and spices)363 kcalEst £6.44Est £7.08
2 onion bhajis☘️ (diced and sliced onion in a golden spiced batter with fenugreek)377 kcalEst  £6.44Est £7.08
Bombay potatoes☘️318 kcalEst £6.44Est £7.08
Sliced chilies☘️3 kcal88p88p
Poppadum’s and dips☘️290 kcal88p88p
Naga chili chicken vindaloo (marinated tandoori chicken in a hot Naga chili sauce)1073 kcalEst £6.44Est £7.08

What is special in the Curry Club menu?

The curry club menu comprises great tasting food. All the curries have some unique and classic taste that will provide your taste buds with an exciting flavor.

But the best thing about this menu is that it contains some traditional and some items with other countries’ tastes. This reason makes the Curry Club menu so popular not only among UK people but also among foreign people. 

Traditional flavors:

  • Chicken Korma
  • Chicken Jalfrezi
  • Chicken Tikka masala
  • Beef Madras

International flavors:

  • Katsu Curries which are mild Japanese-style curry sauce with sliced chilies, coconut-flavored rice, and coriander.
  • Sri-Lankan prawn & fish curry
  • Malaysian chicken & baby sweetcorn curry 
  • Sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry

You can enjoy any of these items according to your taste and choice. 

Can the Curry Club menu be customizable?

In the Curry Club menu, you can customize any item according to your taste, you can add or remove any ingredient. Moreover, if you are allergic to any ingredient you can also exclude that by just informing at the restaurants. You can choose:

  • Garlic naan
  • Plain naan
  • Basmati pilau rice
  • Poppadom’s 

And many others to satisfy your cravings for a perfect meal of your own choice. 

Calories & Nutrient contents of Wetherspoon Curry Club Menu?

Wetherspoon serves fresh and organic ingredients that provide a good amount of calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. You should select your meal by checking the calorie amount because high-calorie food can be injurious to health. 

Nutrients & Calories:

As you all know, all the items contain different ingredients with different amounts. Most of the items on this menu contain beef and chicken products, therefore it is a rich source of proteins and carbohydrates.

Each item on this menu has a different amount of calories that range from minimum to maximum, which is 363 kcal to 1190 kcal. 

Protein ranges from 4g to 63g in the curry club menu.

The carbohydrates range from 23g to 140g.

Fats range from 1g to 49g in this menu.


When you consume a high-calorie meal do some physical activities to burn calories.

Does the Wetherspoon Curry Club menu contain allergens?

Some items may contain some allergic substances, especially for sensitive people. Before selecting any item from the Curry Club menu, must check out the allergens details.

Here are some allergens that are present in most of the items on this menu:

  • Milk
  • Gluten 
  • Mustard 
  • Celery 
  • Sulphur dioxide


Avoid such meals that contain a specific allergen to which you are allergic. If you do not want to skip that meal, then you can inform the restaurant before ordering food. 

Price range of the Curry Club menu? Is it affordable?

The price of each item is already mentioned in the table above, which all are not too costly and are easy to afford. Each item is made with different ingredients and each with a different quantity, some items contain one to two ingredients only and some items contain more ingredients.

The price also changes with the side items and drinks. Moreover, if you customize your food (add or remove any ingredient in your order), then it also affects the price. 

The price of the Curry Club menu ranges from 88p to  £13.36.

 Does the Curry Club menu contain vegetarian and vegan items too?

Wetherspoon serves vegan and vegetarian items along with non-vegetarian items on their menu. Here is the list of vegan and vegetarian curry items that are available on the Curry Club menu,

  • Katsu Quorn nuggets curry
  • Bombay potatoes
  • Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry
  • Vegetable samosas
  • Mangalorean roasted cauliflower and spinach curry
  • Garlic naan
  • Onion bhajis

Customers Review:

The Curry Club menu comprises most of the items with a good nutrient portion and has a valuable moderate price range even with two types of drinks. No doubt all the items have a fine taste and flavor. Here, we have elaborated the customer review of one of the items from this menu.

One of the customers reviewed the Beef Madras from Wetherspoon UK was, a good beef smell as soon as it came. The rice looked a little bit flat and stuck together but had a fine taste. There is a massive big chunk of beef with an amazing taste. A nice thick consistency sauce in the curry. The beef melted in the mouth adding really nice flavor to it. A wonderful experience for this superb Madras Beef. 

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Q. Which day is the Curry Club day at Wetherspoon?

At this popular pub chain, Thursday is curry club day. On this day, all the items from the Curry Club menu are served from 11:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. 

Q. What is the new Wetherspoon curry?

The Katsu is a new curry on the Wetherspoon menu, which are mild Japanese-style curry sauce served with sliced chilies, coconut-flavored rice, and coriander.

Q. How does the Wetherspoon cook Chicken korma?

Chicken korma is a mild, sweet, and traditional curry from the Curry Club menu. It is prepared with breast chicken and cooked with golden fried shallots, by adding yogurt, cream, coconut, and fresh coriander.

Q. How much protein is present in Beef Madras?

The total amount of protein that is present in the Beef Mardas is about 48g.

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