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Wetherspoon Curries Menu with Prices

Enjoy a variety of Curries from the Wetherspoon Curries menu. On this menu, there are many different curries like Katsu Grilled Chicken Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Simple Beef Madras, etc 

Wetherspoon serves these items with different types of side items and drinks. Plus, you can add or remove ingredients by using customization options and make your order the way you want.

Major details of the Curries menu including prices, calories, allergens, etc, are given below.

Dietary Symbol:  ☘️ = Vegetarian or Vegan

Katsu Curries:

Curries menu items are prepared with fresh chicken and served with coconut-flavor rice, a mild Japanese-style katsu curry sauce, coriander, and sliced chilies. You can choose soft drinks or alcoholic drinks with your favorite curry item.

wetherspoon Katsu Curries menu
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Katsu Grilled Chicken Curry(Sliced grilled chicken breast)541 kcal£ 10.49£ 12.25
Katsu Quorn™ Nugget Curry(8 coated pieces) ☘️685 kcal£ 10.49£ 12.25
Katsu Chicken Curry(Sliced whole breaded chicken breast filet)826 kcal£ 10.49£ 12.25

Classic Curries:

The Classic Curries section also contains a variety of items that vary in numbers and also have different tastes. We will mention these items in the table below along with the calories and prices of each item.

Classic Curries menu by wetherspoon
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Mangalorean Roasted Cauliflower & Spinach Curry(Basmati pilau rice, Poppadum’s, Plain naan bread) ☘️927 kcal£ 11.60£ 13.36
Sweet Potato, Chickpea & Spinach Curry(Basmati pilau rice, Poppadum’s, Plain naan bread) ☘️916 kcal£ 11.60£ 13.36
Chicken Tikka Masala(Basmati pilau rice, Poppadum’s, Plain naan bread)1190 kcal£ 11.60£ 13.36
Chicken Jalfrezi935 kcal£ 11.60£ 13.36
Garlic Naan☘️or Plain Naan366 kcal47p47p
Beef Madras1043 kcal£ 11.60£ 13.36

Simple Curries:

The Simple Curries section also provides different types of curry dishes with two types of side items and drinks, which are mentioned in the table with their prices and calories.

Simple Curries menu
ItemCaloriesPrice (Soft Drink)Price (Alcoholic Drink)
Simple Chicken Tikka Masala(Chips)1232 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Chicken Tikka Masala (Basmati Pilau Rice)830 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Chicken Jalfrezi(Chips)977 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Chicken Jalfrezi(Basmati Pilau Rice)575 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Mangalorean Roasted Cauliflower & Spinach Curry ☘️(Chips)970 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Mangalorean Roasted Cauliflower & Spinach Curry ☘️(Basmati Pilau Rice)568 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Beef Madras(Chips)1086 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13
Simple Beef Madras(Basmati Pilau Rice)684 kcal£ 9.37£ 11.13

Calories Considerations of Wetherspoon Curries Menu 

Wetherspoon serves people across the United Kingdom with its healthy and delicious items. but all items contain different types of ingredients that provide different nutrients.  

That is the reason, each item contains a different and specific amount of energy. If you use the customization option and add or remove any ingredient in your order then the calories definitely change. So, it all depends on your choice. 

Calories range:

Here, we have mentioned the calorie range of the Curries menu.

  • Katsu Curries section Calories range: The range from 541 kcal to 826 kcal 
  • Classic Curries section Calories range: The range from 366 kcal to 1190 kcal.
  • Simple Curries portion Calories range: The range from 568 kcal to 1232 kcal.

Common Allergens in Wetherspoon Curries Menu

Wetherspoon serves healthy and pure curry dishes to their customers. As you know, each item carries different types of ingredients and products. So, according to these products, different ingredients contain different potential allergens that are not suitable for everyone.    

So, must check the ingredient and allergen details before ordering any food item, Especially sensitive people. Here, We will cover some common allergens that are present in the Curries menu:

  • Milk 
  • Gluten
  • Mustard
  • Celery
  • Sulphur dioxide and sulphites

Which are the gluten-containing items on the Curries menu?

Most of the Curry items contain gluten. Furthermore, all the items in the curries section are customizable, So, you can also remove the gluten-containing ingredient from your order. We will mention below some gluten-containing items:

  • Katsu Quorn nuggets curry
  • Simple beef madras with chips
  • Simple chicken tikka masala with chips
  • Garlic naan
  • Beef Madras
  • chicken jalfrezi

Are the Wetherspoon Curries Menu wallet-friendly for everyone?

As we already mentioned the price of each item in the above table, you can read and compare the price with your budget. Each item is made with different ingredients, some items contain one to two ingredients only and some dishes carry a lot of ingredients with side items and drinks. 

Furthermore, if you add or remove any ingredient in your order, your order price may be higher or lower according to the ingredients. 

The section’s price ranges from:

  • The Katsu Curries section has the same price for all items, which is £10.49 or £1225.
  • All the Classic Curries portion items have the same prices, which are £11.60 or £13.36.
  • Simple Currie’s item have also the same price, that is £9.37 or £11.13

Does Wetherspoon serve any vegetarian and vegan curry items?

Wetherspoon serves vegan and vegetarian items on their menu. Here, we will tell you a list of vegan and vegetarian curry items that Wetherspoon offers on its Curries menu:

Vegetarian and Vegan:

  • Katsu Quorn nuggets curry
  • Sweet potato, chickpea and spinach curry
  • Mangalorean roasted cauliflower and spinach curry
  • Garlic naan
  • Simple Mangalorean roasted cauliflower and spinach curry

Does Wetherspoon offer customization options for Curries menu?

Not only does Wetherspoon provide tasty food, but also offers the best customer service with a lot of benefits. The customization option is one of them. If you want to add or remove any ingredient in your order, just request the management, and your order will be ready just the way you want it.

For example, if you don’t like Plain Naan with any type of curry. You also replace the Plain Naan with Garlic Naan. or you can also remove specific ingredients or side items in your order.

Options that you can choose: 

By using the customization facility, you can get the order of your own choice. You can also choose these items with your Curry items:

  • Basmati pilau rice
  • Chips
  • Plain naan
  • Garlic naan

Customer Reviews:

All the Curry items are normal in terms of spices and good in taste and nutrients. The most demanding items are Chicken Tikka Masala and Simple Chicken jalfrezi. One of the customer’s reviews about these items is, the Chicken tikka masala is not much spicy and provides a tender flavor.  

However, the Simple Chicken jalfrezi has a bold and spicy flavor with a combination of chips providing more flavor to it. The main reason for positive feedback is that all items have the same and reasonable price with an excellent amount of energy content.

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Q. Are Wetherspoon curry items healthy?

Yes, Wetherspoon curry items provide a considerable amount of energy that is beneficial for the body. No doubt, Wetherspoon always uses fresh and organic ingredients for their items and fulfills the customers’ needs. However, daily use of fast food is not good for your health and stomach.

Q. Can you order alcoholic drinks with Curry items?

Yes, you can order any soft or alcoholic drinks with the curry items. However, the customer who purchases the alcoholic drink must be over the age of 17.

Q. Which side item does Wetherspoon serve with Simple chicken jalfrezi?

Wetherspoon serves chips and Basmati pilau rice with Simple Chicken Jalfrezi. You can choose anyone according to your taste.

Q. What is in Katsu grilled chicken curry?

Katsu grilled chicken curry contains coriander, chicken breast, red chilies, coconut rice, and vegan chip shop curry sauce. 

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