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Is Wetherspoons dog friendly? Dog Policy

The Weatherspoon Pub is not dog friendly. The owner issues a dog policy in which he refuses to bring dogs into the pub. However, assistance dogs are allowed. Because Wetherspoon aims to provide a peaceful environment for its customers without any concern about safety and health issues.

Wetherspoon Dog Policy: 

Weherspoon does not allow dogs and other pets in their managed area except for assistance dogs. Therefore, dog lovers cannot bring their dogs to the Wetherspoon Beer Garden, hotels, car parks, and outdoor areas. The most popular pub chain implemented its dog policy on Monday 10 September. 

Why aren’t dogs allowed in Wetherspoons pubs?

When Wetherspoon issued a dog policy, the question arises, why did Wetherspoon implement this strict policy? So, Tim Martin, Wetherspoons boss, explained the reason for implementing the dog policy.

Why aren't dogs allowed in Wetherspoons pubs?

He said, “We believe this policy is harsh for dog lovers“. But he also clarified the reasons which are:

  • Wetherspoon pubs are popular worldwide, so many people, children, and families visit the pub daily.
  • We offer a variety of food.
  • Also, well-trained dogs can behave unexpectedly in certain situations like humans.

Therefore, Tim Martin showed that there are concerns about the safety of customers. Therefore, they decided to strictly enforce this rule keeping in mind the concerns of safety and comfort of other people.

Are assistance dogs allowed at Wetherspoons?

Wetherspoon welcomes assistance dogs in its pubs. Because service dogs are well-trained, calm, obedient, reliable, and able to ignore distractions while on duty. However, in order to assist the staff you need to confirm that the dog you bring is an assistance dog. But these requirements are not mandatory.

  • You are wearing an identification labe around your dog’s neck.
  • You can also show government-issued cards or documents for identification.

Is it right policy that dogs are not allowed in Wetherspoon pubs? 

Do you agree with the wetherpolicy dog policy? I know this is not good news for dog lovers. Who always bring their partner. However, if you try to understand why Wetherspoon implements this dog policy, you may be satisfied. 

So, let’s see the dog not allowed policy is true. 

  • Some customers may enjoy the presence of dogs while others may have safety concerns.
  • In addition, any customer may have health issues such as hygiene or allergies.
  • Sometimes properly trained dogs can misbehave or react unpredictably due to busy spaces.
  • Dog mess is another reason that creates unexpected situations for consumers. 

Wrapping Up

Wetherspoons recently strictly refused to allow dogs into its pubs. So this is not good news for dog lovers. However, Tim Martin confirms the reasons behind the dog policy. Therefore, visitors should understand safety and health concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it illegal to have a dog in a Pub? 

No, there is no law about whether or not dogs are allowed in pubs. Well, it depends entirely on pub owners and local conditions.

Q: Does Wetherspoon offer any Food for Assistance dogs?

It depends on your local area. So, you can ask them if they can offer food to the dog. However, some restaurants may serve dog food.

Q: What should I do if my dog behaves unexpectedly at the Weatherspoon Pub?

If your assistance dog starts to misbehave, you try to maintain the situation by stopping him with an act of whatever he is doing. Leave the pub and go outside to avoid any safety concerns.

Q: Is there an age limit for dogs?

No, Wetherspoon applies the policy to all ages of dogs.

Q: Does Wetherspoon allow dogs in the outdoor area?

Wetherspoon does not allow dogs in the areas where they offer services, including the pub’s indoor and outdoor areas.

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